Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sem Break 2017

The day after we sent our parents to the airport, we quickly went home and packed for our little escape. At first, we planned to stay there for a month, YET after a week of going through challenges in which were far too challenging for me, we called it off. Nope. I am more concern about my personal hygiene more than my determination to stay for a month. Haha. Instantly went to the salon to wash and trim my hair, and had my whole body scrubbed twice! Never felt more relieved afterwards. This incident made me realize that I should bring EVERYTHING with me if I'm to stay for more than a week. Plus, we couldn't go out to buy things, so yeah, it added to my sadness (drama, I know).

Once we're home, both of our grandmothers insisted to constantly feed us because according to them, I look so skinny now (yeah Grandmas being Grandmas) and we're fed 4 times a day 😂 . Of course, didn't want to be rude, I had to eat a lot 🙃 Even with their constant nag to make us eat (trust me, I don't need any nagging to have me finish the meal but yeah, our grandmas are like that haha), I still find my tummy growling.

I mean, we had breakfast early in the morning and people said 'Have your breakfast and you will be okay for the rest of the day'. Liar.
Why do I feel the need to make brunch, then ? Hmph

Anyway, what are the activities that people usually do during their sem break? I used to go to courses and work but this time around, my parents wanted us to stay home for our own safety purpose. So yeah, I'm a lil bit bored 😌 although my days are usually filled with gardening, sewing, cleaning and baking, I'm still so greedy haha.

So, anyone wanna come over ? So that I'll have a legit reason to organize a party 😂

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Monday, 17 July 2017

The wonders of Ayat Seribu Dinar

When I was still using my old phone, I used  'Ayat Seribu Dinar' as my phone wallpaper. Kinda looked like this

Unfortunately, after the toilet incident and the phone went down the drain, I got a new one. I kept on forgetting to change my wallpaper on this other phone which I'm currently using, not really minding the thoughts of having to stare at the ombre pink screen.
In the beginning, I was all good as I would remember to recite the ayat a few times a day, that I wouldn't be needing a reminder but being the clumsy Anis as I always am, my days started to take a different turn; sometimes I would remember and sometimes I just didn't recite it.

Time passed by and a few weeks ago, I eventually had the realisation to change the wallpaper, "God please let me start my day by putting my faith and trust on you," and that was the least I could do to kick off my morning - Ayat Seribu Dinar, if I was too sleepy for Mathurat.

Not even 24 hours had passed that day, I suddenly received another proofreading job. I was in need of money as semester break means no scholarship money hahaha and I don't like asking for my parents' money. I pay the rent, the bills, the car gas and shop, all with my own money. Well, I'm not downgrading people that receive financial aids from their parents... it's just what I do to have a grasp of control over my life. I like being in charge hehe. 
Anyway, since the proofread offer was like a rezeki that came knocking on the door, I said yes although at that moment, my schedule was already packed. I had to finish a few other things before I can leave for my little trip with Ipah and thank God everything was settled right on time.

Still constantly reminded to recite those Seribu Dinar verses, a few days before our trip to Sabah, there were so many incidents that demanded us to alter our plans; the hotels couldn't be booked, had to cross off Sandakan from the itinerary and a few other things.
Turned out, Allah knows better. If it's not because of the little mishaps, we might have faced a bigger ones which could threaten our lives. There were so many 'if and only' there that I don't know how to explain without making this post lengthy haha.
The point is, Allah had drawn Ipah and I a way to get us out of the difficulties, even before we could have endured it. Ya Allah, Alhamdulillah for your mercy.
p/s : Stayed there for a week and we didn't spend anything more than RM500. How amazing is that ! Was so murah rezeki and met loads of helpful and kind people there :)

When I got home a week later, my parents told me that they're leaving for Haji in a week. I was like, "O... kay. Abah promised to teach me on how to do some woodworking... but if you have to go, o...kay," 😂😂😂 lol.
With my sem break 'bucket list' trashed into the bin, I told them that I'm gonna look for work and their reply was,
"No need lah. We'll give you some pocket money and just stay home." 
Yet another rezeki ! :) How can i say no.
With money issues out of the way, my worries on how to pay the house rent (in Penang) were suddenly lifted from my shoulders.

I mean, how cool is that. Within a few weeks, Allah had eased out my burdens in so many ways, I couldn't be more grateful. He kept his promises in those verses. If your understand the meanings behind the Ayat Seribu Dinar, put your trust to Allah, He will get you out of the difficulty and suffice you.

Blessings and rezeki can come in so many ways and I personally believe that there are so many things that we overlook in this world, belittling them as mere entities when the truth is, they are true blessings.

Some people see rezeki in a materialistic way and blessings in a way of not having to struggle in life yet how many of us wake up each day and thank Him for being able to inhale the oxygen and pump our heart, able to open our eyes and still clearly see the surroundings, and able to move our little fingers to brush our teeth in the morning ?
For me, 'little' things like these are already big enough and thanks to Allah, He had helped me in so many ways. Alhamdulillah 😊

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Getting drowned

I gave myself another one week break before I can go all crazy on my sem break plan and with that in mind, I spent most of my days with Eidulfitr activities, movies and also, reading.

It's only fair to say that I haven't read for a very long time, I forgot how to. Deciding which book to read was already hard enough and feeling guilty towards other books was another thing. Not to mention that I have one row of untouched books, in which I've been cajoling myself with, "It's okay. You will find the time" and ended up buying more. *swims in the piles of untouched books

Anyway, as I was browsing my blog labels/tags, I noticed that I only have one post under book review . Will it's destiny be as bad as my other blog posts too ? Hahaha.

Now will you excuse me,
I gotta go pick a really good book to read. I have a pride to protect :P

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti

Do you ever have something that you love so much and one day, you just have to let it go? (no, not in a hoarder kind of way. Just the normal I love-it-so-much-it's-hard-to-say-bye)

In my case, I have this one handbag that I love sooo much. Before I have it last two years, I was never attached to my previous bags. I bought them, I used them, I forgot about them and then that's it. An autobiography essay about my laundry basket would be longer than about my bags, trust me. 

But this one, this one is DIFFERENT. 

It is so different that I used it for more than two years (trust me, in my handbags age, that is ancient, immortal almost)
It is so different, most of my photos are of me carrying it!
It is so different, I was heartbroken when it began to peel off  ;( 

I don't know why I love it so much. I got it during sales, to be honest and thus, it's not that expensive. Also, not like it's Chanel or anything (although pffttt not that I can afford one hahaha kemain compare with chanel)

It's just ...
just that it's easy and simple enough for a girl like me. It's a bucket bag which is as big as a shoulder bag that I can stuff bottles, books and everything in here. It may look small on me but trust me, I can pile everything like Doraemon in here and it still look cute. 

Where else can I find one similar to this?  *cries a bucket  T_T

Been looking for it's substitution for months now and still, none of the feels right. Sedih la camni. 

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Little Muhammad Ali

This year, our class received another bundle of joy, Shila's second baby, Muhammad Ali the champ. Hehe.

I can still remember the day when I first knew Shila, she asked for my help to send the letters to inform the faculty that she couldn't attend the orientation because of her wedding ceremony. And look at her now, with her second baby already ! I haven't even finished my degree yet and each year, her timeline consisted of exuberant news; first, of her wedding, then first daughter and now a son hahaha. Congrats Shila 😊 May you receive another great news during your graduation day 😂 

A very good boy this one 😍.
Too bad Hana was not in the photos coz she's at her Gramps

Aunties brought a play mat for Ali 😘, so that this can keep you busy when your mom is studying

We have visited Shila's house a few times already because after giving birth, she insisted on participating in the class activities and was one of our research members 💪
However, this is our first official 'Baby Ali visit' haha and Mayra still couldn't come close to the baby. Not that he's gonna bite 😒
And Nana still screams nervously every time Ali made any unusual gesture. 

I just hope Ali knows who's his favourite aunty once he grow up 😝 Remember ya Ali, that thin lanky aunty didn't even come near you while the chubby short aunty squirms a lot and caused you to cry a few times haha. Now this one here is your fav okay. The thin short aunty, just the coolest one.

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Ivory 2015-2018

Has it been two years since we first stepped into our house in Ivory? Time surely flies.

Since we will be moving out next year, we texted our landlord, reminding him that by the end of April, all four of his tenants will be out of the house.

He's currently working in China and we've only met him once, so he's not the kind of landlord which would visit you very often to check on the house. We did most things by ourselves ; contacted the plumbers, bought a new washing machine and many more housing things. Still, we liked it that way :)

After compromising that we don't have to sign any contract for the next Sept-April rent, he added "Send me the photos of the house. I want to start finding new tenants," and so we did.

His reply was
Even asking us to come back. Clingy much. Staahpp

Mind you, the house before we moved in was so bad. Previously, boys stayed there and God knows how many meters of dust they left for us. The furniture was all over the place and there's no curtains to cover the windows. Our poor landlord was not in Malaysia to clean the house and hence, the mess.

In fact, when the agent showed us the house, she was hesitant too. Intentionally, she wanted to take us to two houses and let us decide. She showed us the first one, expecting we would say no. hahahaha. But the rent was only RM1000 and normally, places with walking distance to university would be more than RM1400. The place was a total bargain.

We just said yes without going to the second house and thank God we didn't :) Our landlord now is very considerate and nice, well most probably because his tenants are ! hahaha. Anyway, I am going to miss our memories in this house. I wonder what kind of house will I live in once I start working. Which state? Will the landlord be as nice? What kind of housemates will I have? Are they clean? (please God let them be. At least, clean. Please) Are they nice? Are they good? All of these questions made me scared of the future sometimes but that's life.

We move on.

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