Wednesday, 16 July 2014

langit dan bumi

Typical Malay drama : girl only age 19 , married to this super duper rich guy , marriage planned by their parents ; whom are very eager to be relatives.

Typical Malay novels : son is forced to marry or else the father would just easily give away his company to other people.

God I'm so tired of these cliche -_- Trust me , I don't even have to finish reading each book, and I already know the whole story . It's all the same . The same plot , the same climax and of course the same ending . Then why did you read the Malay novels ?! people may ask.
Because I have nothing better to do . Other then letting myself to drown in the unread Malay novels . Finished reading all of my English novels , and already requested for new books from Abah yet he just ignored me -_- . Like I ask for a new handbag or whatev :3

Anyway , talking about the circle of love in real life , it's actually not that easy . I have a guy friend , and the funny thing is , he doesn't have the courage to court girls . If the heroes in the drama always appear to be such a sweet talker , he is definitely the opposite .

Two weeks ago , he texted me , telling me about his crush and all .
"Our kids gonna be cute bla bla bla."
"We would be perfect bla bla bla."
"I'm good looking , she won't refuse my proposal." 
(meh , not that good looking . haha)
And affter his long nonsense-dream-like blabber , I asked him if he has asked the girl out .
"I don't even have her number." And this one came from the big talk guy. Pffft . People these days . Only good at bragging.

Last week , he got the girl's phone number from a friend .
"Have you texted her yet ?"
"No , I would just wait for her to ask . Wouldn't it be mysterious if I asked for her number but I don't even text her ? Mua ha ha "
Yeah . Keep on dreaming babe . Who knows she might :3 or better , she's gonna just forget and ignore.

And today , he texted me again .
"So , how's she ?"
"She's so cute . I'm so torn between her and my ex . Maybe I should marry both."
"When did you texted her ? You don't even tell me you did ."
"No I haven't."

Ya Allah -_- . This guy seriously need help .
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