Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My card holder pt. 2

This post is a sequel to my previous story. I wrote it here.

I have this habit of hoarding receipts in my purse. You know, those people that keep telling you ,
"Keep the receipt, so you can keep track of your allowance."
"What if you have to return anything ? Keep it la."

And people, I am one of those nagging grandmas. Haha. Did I keep track of my allowance? Haha. Liar, liar pants on fire, if I say yes, I'm the biggest loser.

The pathetic  funny thing is, keeping receipts is no longer fun. Especially when you have more receipts than cash in your purse. Plus, they take a lot of room in your purse, it's as if you're carrying around trashes in your bag.

Also, more receipt, more guilt.
WHY would I manacle my heart with guilt? WHY did I ever keep receipts? WHY?

After the dramatic epiphany a few months ago, I finally decided to use the card holder (from previous post). Since the size is VERY small, I could keep only a few dollar notes in there, thus getting rid of my receipt-habit and spending-not-so-wisely-habit.

In the beginning, I was just 'meh. okay. Finally, the card holder is up to use,' but I was yet to realize the big 360-degree turn in my life. Take my words, because of that purse (aka card holder), I arrived to the point where I never dream of I belong to.

I started menabung

Hahaha. Okay. Seriously. I started menabung. 

Anis . Menabung. Anis. Menabung.

Don't really rhyme, do they?
Still, I unlocked it. Muahaha !

What I actually did was:

  • I hid my debit cards away, so I only used cash.
  • Thus, when the 'purse' aka 'card holder' was jammed with bills/notes/money, I couldn't zip it
  • Couldn't zip, gotta throw away the small changes (RM1, RM5) 
  • So I tossed the notes into this one big tupperware .
  • I hid the tupperware and only took it out if I could't zip my purse again. 
  • Repeated the same steps for months. 

I never thought that taking RM 1 and RM 5 away from my purse religiously would affect me much.
Surprisingly, it did !

I totally couldn't care less about it. Until just now.
While I was clearing my purse, I took out the tupperware and gaped as I unlidded it.

"MasyaAllah. Are these mine?" was what I thought, as I counted the orange , green and blue slips altogether.

Okay, I didn't mean to show off but trust me, 22 years of being alive, I have never ever  anticipated that I would come to this. I mean, good Lord, I even feel like pinching myself as I typed this ; it is sooo surreal.

Believe it or not, I've collected more than 400++ just from unconsciously 'throwing away' the money!


Now, how much is the dUCk KL Tote Bag, again ? Someone is finally able to do some serious shopping !
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