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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Sneaky Apps

One of the characteristics for May babies are said to be ; impulsive shopper. However, I beg to differ. I don't think only May babies deserve to hold the title because everyone I know (okay maybe not everyone) likes shopping. And these days, with countless apps on your screen, in front of your nose, has made it even more possible. I mean, come on ? Haven't we all find ourselves trapped in the endless pit of scrolling in the apps ?
Even my parents are one of those people.
In fact, I learned from them.

So last year, we received a few parcels at home and every time I asked them, their replies would be "Lazada" "Go shop" "Wow shop" . Okay , I know Go Shop.
BUT what on earth are those LAZADA and Wow Shop thing ?
So I tried looking it up. And boy oh boy. Am I still in regret.

It's like a Google website, only with endless lists of things that you can purchase. A shopping mall in my phone. And, I seriously needn't that.

Only a few weeks ago, I introduced it to Nana and Mayra, so that I wouldn't be alone in this painful journey.

And yeah, that's the end of us. Completely doomed.

One of the things that made me wonder is that, how is everything so cheap?
For instance, the laptop casings. I had been eyeing them for a few months now. The normal price in the SlickCase website was RM 200 ++ excluding the shipping. The condition of my blue casing was so bad, I couldn't find a spot without scratches. And so I tried looking for one in Lazada and guess the price ?
RM 60 guys ! RM freaking 60 !  T_T

We had been ordering things a lot since then, that the delivery guy could  remember my phone number. When he can't reach my housemates' phones, he would call me instead, because he knows they live with me; the girl who constantly receive delivery every other day.

Once, he even came to send parcels in front of my class because I was not home. That's how close I am with the delivery guy. *blows nails

I have been trying very hard to take control of my life and then that's it.

Poofff ! 
Shopping apps are the end of my life. 
I fall at their heels.

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Laptop wouldn't turn on

Since yesterday I couldn't blog properly , here's the snippets of what actually happened.

My laptop, my dear MacNis the laptop has endured so much for the past few years.
It used to fell on the floor, table, whatever hard things there are, you name it. It has dived onto those surfaces.
It used to get wet. Soaked in facial wash, soaked in water. Yeah, this laptop has had more adventure than any of you guys ! Now shame on you for not being that adventurous.
It used to get stepped onto. Mostly because I like to leave it on the floor and just happen to ACCIDENTALLY step on it or knock it. (Only last week, I left it in Mayra's room and half an hour later, I heard her crying, "OMG Anis , I'm so sorry. I tersepak laptop you ! I didn't see it was there. Sorry !!!" and I nonchalantly replied her with it's okay, I do that all the time. Besides, it was my fault for leaving it everywhere.)

The ugly side of Anis, revealed.

Seriously, if you're my laptop, how would you feel ? To have an owner like me. Haha. You would despise me to the core, I bet you would self-destruct yourself.
Luckily, MacNis wouldn't do any of that, for our love towards each other is so pure.

So, what happened yesterday was , the rain was super heavy that it came with thunderstorms and all. I was in my class at that moment and was completely clueless of the outside world. But when we got home, Nana went into the room and screamed,

"Botol shampoo I jatuh !" first thing first. Okay. That's something we should be worry about -___-'

But what she didn't realize was, our room was all wet, a few things were lying on the floor and the curtains were soaking wet.

The room was a complete mess.

I went to get my laptop and was glad that it's surprisingly dry. Clearing everything up, I just left the laptop there on the floor. . . and continued my day.

The next morning, as I was about to do my assignment , I picked the laptop and was surprised to find a PUDDLE under my laptop. A frigging puddle.

"Hi bij. Surprise !"

  1. 1.
    a small pool of liquid, especially of rainwater on the ground.

    "splashing through deep puddles"

    "puppies and kids are drawn to puddles the way moths are drawn to light"

Excuse me, what are you doing here , Mr Puddle ? I thought MacNis was dry yesterday !

I was so panicked, I didn't know what to do that I just sat on the chair like someone who has just lost their child. With a little spark of hope left, I connected it to the charger.

The light was not on.

The light was NOT on ! I'm gonna die, I'm sooo gonna die, I thought. My parents are gonna kill me.
My laptop had endured so much, a puddle was not suppose to break it. "I KNOW YOU'RE NOT THAT WEAK ! NOW COME BACK TO LIFE !"
I kept on trying and drying it with a towel, continuously connecting and disconnecting it from the charger. But it was futile. Nothing happened.

Nana gave me a sympathetic look and came up with a suggestion , "Usually, if phones get wet, they put it in the rice container." Hmmm,,, really ? I mean, rice ? Really ? 
As Google also suggested the same thing, only you need to dry it carefully first, I followed the procedure hesitantly.
I mean, how can a bag of rice, dry a laptop.

What's happening to the world ?!

Somehow, after a few hours, it came back to life !
Mind. Blown.
The screen was okay like nothing happened.

And here I am, blogging with it :)

Thank you to that bag of rice and the odds of it.
And thank you MacNis for coming back to life T_T , I love you sooo much. Please, don't leave me again like this. I know I've been so careless but please, don't be such a drama queen again. You know how much I need you in my life.
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Friday, 3 March 2017

I'm currently blogging from my phone as my laptop was :

What a dreadful moment. I feel like a useless mother as I am completely clueless on what to do. I don't even know where to find the repair center here in Penang cos most of the time, I would service my laptop back in Kelantan 😞😞.
At times like this, I really need my dad. Only he knows how to settle these kind of things 😭

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The phone ; a sorcery

So a few weeks ago, my dad asked me if I need a new phone. And I said, "Tak payahlaaah. Boleh guna lagi," He said okay and that's the end of it.

Moving forward to this morning,

Emmm something did happen today and ,
"Dad, you still remember the deal you offered? Yeah. The one I constantly rejected. Yeah well ye know, you kinda HAVE TO buy me a new phone now," is what I wish I can tell my Dad.


Ye know, things happen. Haha.
One day, you don't need it and the next thing you know, you're extremely in need of the favour.

The truth is, I'm scared to ask for the favour again, as I had shrugged with "No" for quite a few times every time he asked. Haha.
My phone was a few years old Samsung and being a concern dad, as my dad already is, he always offers to get involved in my gadgets department. His poor daughter really have zero knowledge bout it. And no taste too. So yeah.

Anyway , after the constant 'no',

AS IF a pile of sorcery is bundled on me, today . . .

My old Samsung which I had dearly clung to for the past few years.
My sweet baby. 
My annoying-but-I-still-love-anyway bff.  

I lost it.

Okay, maybe the right word isn't lost but hmmm technically speaking, I lost it.

So,,, what happened was,
I dropped my phone in A TOILET BOWL, along with my dignity, as I let out a long shameless AAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAANOOOOMYGODNOOOOOO in a public toilet.

You would have thought I fell on the floor by the pitch of the scream. Although I still believe that me falling, is better than having to see my phone continuously bobbing in the pitch black vent, trying to hold back for it's dear master. Poor soul. Even at it's very last moments. Still tried so hard.

After a few minutes struggling with a long tongs ( I don't know it's name haha) trying to clip the phone up, it just kept on slipping away.
And hence, I did what I should have done earlier.
I gave up.
I closed my eyes, held my breath and,
I just flushed it away.
Whispered : Now go. Swim little guy, swim to your new family.

That's it.

I mean, it's like a sorcery !
My dad did his offer, I rejected. And now I'm in a great need of the offer back!
#akibatmenolaktawaranmenarik #adakahiniderhaka

Now, what should I tell him? Pfftt, I have a pride to protect, okay. Not gonna tell my dad I threw it down a sewage, in a toilet, in a shopping mall.
Sounds legit, no?

Updated : Dad was not mad. It's day 3 with the new one and I've cracked the screen... Looking forward for more damages

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

learning photoshop

As I write this, you will notice that I've changed my blog template. 

Watching movies for two days in a row somehow made myself tired and I started to have eye-bags and gloomy face. So I thought about doing something else.

And I decided to learn about Photoshop. 

After years of trying to actually learn it. 

Yeah I know that I always ordered people to teach me about photoshop and all. In fact, since the school years. But I put no effort to it because being lazy as I am, photo-editing is also not my forte. Haha. Just look how terrible my Instagram photos are. You don't have to look far for the proof. 
Besides, I'm seriously not good with technologies, gadgets and apps. 

Anyway, after putting enough thought in it, I rummaged through the YouTube search box, finding myself typing 'phototshop cs3 tutorial' as I held my breath .
Finally . I'm doing it. I always knew that I will learn photoshop sooner or later. It's just about finding the right mood, you know. 
So I opened one and waited for the buffer impatiently. 

The tutorial was seriously easy. Very easy. In fact, after watching it, I believed I can master the art of photoshop in no time. Yes, I have faith in this. Even I'm not one of those techno geek, this photoshop thing is just so easy. No wonder people in the world are doing this.

I downloaded a few photos and decided to make a new header for my blog. 

After an hour struggling with the photoshop, deleting this and that, re-doing the touch up and a little bit adjustments , I finally came out with this. 


I know right. Even the font is bizarre and something. I knew it. I am good at this, guys. So I tried editing another one and came out with even a prettier result. 

Duhhh. This is just a piece of cake. Not that I spent a long time at it. Just half an hour adjusting the fonts and another half trying to save it in the right folder. 

After a few minutes of admiring my art, I tried to edit another one and chose this photo.

Now, how am I going to cut the words ? Should I just crop it or what ? And what does this button lasso do? Why is it not working ? Oh maybe I should use the eraser. Well, maybe not. Hem , did I click on brush just now ? What's happening with the colour. 

Okay. That's it! Photoshop is so hard. 
I should just edit them with my phone instead.
I'm not doing this when there's so many buttons trying to confuse me

Well at least I can say I tried....

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