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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My card holder

A few months ago, I was looking for a black tote bag and actually found one to my liking in Esprit. As I was heading to the cashier to settle the payment, the salesgirl approached me, 
" Dik, if you spend another RM150, you will get 20% discounts for your handbag."

Nuh uh. I'm not falling for that. 

I am a strong independent lady. I am not easily shaken by discounts. 

I smiled and gently said no. She said okay. I placed my bag on the counter and the cashier asked me, "Are you sure you don't want to add another RM150?" and I just nodded. 

Silly me thought it would end there. But nooo. These people were good. They knew that we're probably too tired to think straight, from walking in the mall, from eating and all. They knew.

She walked out of the counter and grabbed 2 small pouches in grey for me. Then, she took out her calculator from the drawer, "You see, if you add these, plus your bag, you will get 20% discounts." She tapped the numbers and showed me the bargain; of what I will get and how much I would be spending for three things. 

I swear, it all happened too fast. 
Well, I was probably too tired too. 
I couldn't think straight, but I knew that I got a handbag and 2 card holders from Esprit at a VERY reasonable price. With discounts !

Okay. Fine. 

I am not a strong independent lady. I am easily shaken by discounts.

Since I bought two matching card holders, I gave one to Kubis (so we can have matchy2 things, ye know. Yeah, we sweet lidat). 

Tbh, I didn't even know why I bought them hahaha because impulsive Anis here clearly wouldn't be needing a card holder. 
My purse has the compartments for cards and in fact,with extra places to stash my receipts. 
Besides, just look at the SIZE in the model's hand ! 

It is so small, and I bought two of these babies -_-  

When I handed it to Kubis, she went , "What can I put in here ?" 

Rite. Nak letak apa ya?
and I replied, "I don't know. Just put your cotton pads or whatever."

Anyway, I am so not getting to my points yet. Hahaha. Gotta go. Will continue the story in another post. Toodles !

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

the bet

We always have this serious talk in our room . Sometimes about the future, our career, our life plan, what we're afraid of and one of us would bring out the topic of relationship and all *eyes rolling* . But that's what makes us grow closer and somehow in a weird way, intimate (not that intimate okay. you dirty minded). No need all the details. You all get it.

And a few weeks back, we made this bet of "Who will be in a relationship first" among us three. Haha. Nana was desperate to avoid relationships (which is very serious), Allia was prone to like everyone she just knew and I don't like relationship since the very beginning. So yeppp. We're just so different ! haha.

All three of us agreed on this , wanting to see , who will remain single the longest. Well, I'm not saying that I'm confirmed to win but seeing how gullible those two feelers are , we will just have to wait and see about the results. *yawn*
It is on for three years but hemmm ,,, I think we will see the result within two years. lol

And you know what, I like this.
I think it's going to be fun :D

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Girls be girls

To my dearest girlfriends , we know this is us. 
*cries in a corner*

I bet you can relate :)

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015



Yesterday was the beginning of Sushi King bonanza for Penangites :) and of course , three crazy people were expected to be there. Haha. 

At first, the plan was to call the cab after the class but sadly no cabs were available that morning. All busy wheezing here and there and we were left with no choice but to rent a car. 
Just for the sake of sushi bonanza  T_T  (if and only the determination is the same as going to lectures, the class attendance will always be 100% lol)

11.30 a.m and there were only 3 people queueing in front of us. Lucky I guess. We waited for about 5 minutes and the usher came to get us again , 

"Okay. I know there's only 3 of you but if people ask anything, just say that this abang is responsible for this," he gestured towards a guy in the same uniform as his, standing beside him all smiling from ear to ear. 

"Alang2 dah nak bagi seat special, baik extend masa sampai sejam terus," Allia replied , half laughing. 

"Okay boleh je," he wrote the 'end time' and we walked into the restaurant as he ushered us. 

Okay. I seriously had no idea about what he was talking about at first but when we arrived at the table, it was


The kitchen was just on my right. The itamae placed the plates , and we could instantly grab them. We would know what they're preparing and oh yeah , it was perfect .
Not to mention that it was table for six. 
I suddenly felt energetic and hungry !

In less than 15 minutes , three of us had finished 18 plates and as we waited for the unagi to be placed on the belt, we just eyed them in the kitchen nervously. 

"Last sushi."
"Allia, be a ninja. Take all of them."
"Say no more."

Seconds after the unagi were posed exquisitely on the belt like bikini models , ready to be savoured in our mouth, Allia quickly just grabbed one after another until 7@8 plates of them. 
I eyed the chinese standing on the other side of the belt on our left and oh God he just stared at us suspiciously as he waited for his turn.  Well at least we left a few plates for you. He grabbed the rest and I pity those sitting behind us. Haha. Guess they have to wait for another few minutes.

Going out from Sushi King , sooooo many people were now lining up. I don't know how long they will have to wait. Thank God we came early !

Yesterday was very perfect and we couldn't thank that usher enough as we got to eat all those special deal that we'd craved :)

Post-sushi at Boost.
Wearing skirt from Nuriman Scarf 

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Post-Henna Day

Monday eventually came and this week, tagging along with the hectic Monday are the tutorials and more assignments. I always mention the word assignments in my blog as if other students got no assignments . Lol. What to do. I hate homework :P

So everybody was on Monday blues this morning, looking all tired and not so energetic. Seeing Michael's gloomy face first thing first today ,  

"Michael, why you look so sad meh ?"
"Because I have to see your face, Fak."  -______-
"Yeah I'm not pleased to see your face too. And I have more problems to think than just about you."
He replied with his 'whatever' trademark as I glared at him.
Both provoking each other. 

"Anis got a male organ yesterday." Nana suddenly and proudly announced -_____- "That's why she's so cranky today." 

Michael came and stand in front of me , concern painted all over his face. He raised his eyebrow , mouth half opened ; asking how .

I shrugged and tried not to open my mouth.
"Why am I not surprised though?" he smirked before laughing. And of course , Nana told him the whole thing while I sat invisibly beside her as she peeled of my secret. Lul.

These people la kan -__-

And then Kelly , and then Ngoi , and then Kandaq 
And before today ends , everyone in the class knows my secret (which is no longer a secret I suppose)
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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Henna day :)

Right after my maghrib prayer and all , I found myself switching on my laptop, typing 

"How to get rid of Indian henna"

in the Google engine search box , quickly hitting on 'Enter'.

Tons of suggestions came out in a split seconds

 and non of them are the tips to get rid  of henna but to fade them away... in a week. 
I mean , seriously?  T_T  
I just stared at the screen nervously before my eyes darted towards various types of henna drawings on my legs. Literally on my legs.

So Allia just bought this one tube of henna last night :)
The colour of the henna remain mysterious until this evening as the confused uncle/shopkeeper seemed not to understand our question last night.

"What colour is this one, anne ?" as Allia pointed out at one small blue tube with RM2 sticker on it.

"A'ah." he replied with mouth half opened  -________-


Ok thats not the point.

This evening, we decided to try the henna . Yaaay . Finally . Weeeeee. 

After Zuhr, I started painting Allia's fingers with the thick pitch black henna before she did mine. Nana came to play along later on and everybody has henna on their fingers ! :)
despite of the smudged colours, our fingers looked so emo-ish. haha

Not long after that, they both started drawing Sun on my left calf and seeing the pretty art, I requested for a butterfly ; 

"Allia, nak butterfly macam Ted dalam How I Met Your Mother."
"Okay. Say no more Anis."

and I got one, similar as this one. 

Well not as pretty as Ted's but well, close enough . . . to a butterfly.

I fall asleep as those two continued drawing on my legs, expressing their arts with the dark-brown-almost-black henna. Legs splayed , left leg for Nana and right leg for Allia ; did not realize the plots in their ceative brains.

Two hours later ....

 I woke up only to find one eye under my knee , a name , a sun and a male organ on my left calf while right calf was more lively with butterfly and sprinkles of dots as the background, a lollipop , a wave (?) and a Sushi King logo -_-

now again, how do I get rid of this dick on my leg ?

Google seriously has no solution this time around -____-

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Friday, 10 October 2014


Friday ! No class . 
But unlucky us had a test :(

well , managed to go to Gurney Plaza, however .
As soon as our test ended , "Gurney , here we come !" 

"Okay movie marathon has to be ON today . No more cancelation . Annabelle, Maze Runner , Dracula..." 

Yet we ended up watching only one movie -_- and I don't even know why because I went to surau while they bought the tickets

.... the question remain unspoken until today ....

the rating for Annabelle , 3/5 I would say . Not that good and not that bad *though I close my eyes most of the times lol . Well , at least the doll in the movie is hideous . Kudos for that . 
I don't like horror , so even if I rate a horror 10 out of 10 , you shouldn't buy it . Hahaha . 

And since Mayra had been craving for sushi (lol like Mayra was the only who had been hankering for sushi :P)


we ate A LOT and I was solemnly full , I can barely walk . Sadly , we have to leave because Jihan and Mayra had a few things to be settled .

So they both left us three in the Plaza -_- in which we later on found that we didn't really have much things to be done other than window shopping or watch the movies . And we chose to ...

Window shop.

We entered Sasa . Nana dropped some eyeliner . Act like nothing happened and walked away. Eyeliner smeared her white shirt. Walked aimlessly for almost 15 minutes , Nana suddenly went ,

"Baskin Robin ?" while carressing her tummy like she hasn't eat for a week . "Seriously ? I'm full -_-," Shaking my head vigorously.

"Swensen's ?" with sparkling eyes -_- Is this girl even serious ?

"Gelato ? " grinning from ear to ear . Hey , I believed I just said that I'm full . Why listing all of the restaurant's name ? -_-

After a few big NO , NO , NO from Allia and me , Nana actually gave up .... but only for a few seconds

"Urghhh I really need my Boost !" Almost crying *tears about to come out lol jk* hahhaha .
Okay maybe this one I can tolerate . Because I don't enjoy Boost as much hahaha .

So again , we walked aimlessly ,,, well actually with aim to find the Boost shop but yeah like Gurney Plaza is small .

Almost shouting , "MY BOOST!" - Nana . Saw some green sign from far and raced towards the green signed shop but after a few steps realized that it's not Boost . Hahaha

But beside the whatever-green shop , is Secret Recipe . Treng teng teng !

One eyebrow raised, and like we can read each other's mind, everybody just went in and ordered . Hahahaha
No one even popped out the question of , "should we eat here or not." tough it had been only 30 minutes after Shushi King .

all time favourite walnut brownies with vanilla ice-cream. yummeyh 

Took a leisure walk around Gurney Drive and I couldn't stuff more foods in my stomach :( they all look super delicious though . the rojak , kerang bakar , fries , fried foodsss , , , street foods are surely the best .

Jerebu in Penang . 

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Friday, 15 August 2014

The Du'a when Red Aunty pay you a visit

Assalamualaikum dear :)

Checked my "FAITH" label and figured out that I haven't post one under this label for almost five months ! Ya Allah , have I been wasting the whole year writing useless posts only ? Astaghfirullah . . . T_T

Anyway, enough with jibber jabber and my train of thoughts,  

Girls , have you ever heard of Du'a during Menses ?

Yeaaaaaappppp *with 'pop' sound please*, there's a specific du'a for you when you're on your menses/period/haid or whatever you call your Red Aunty as ... And in this post, I'm going to share one with you dear sisters :) 


*Please take note , I'm not on my menses , so this post has nothing related to my Red Aunty. Hehe . Talking about menses makes me wanna hide my face in the pocket , but lets face the fact , we're all grown up ehemmm *chin up in the air*. Besides , hello .... I'm sharing a du'a  here not something useless.

I learned this du'a a couple of years ago when performing umrah with the family. One of my Mom's friends that joined us taught me , and yes , I found it very useful once I acknowledged the value of this du'a. 
Please read it for more rewards *terms and conditions applied . e.g : if you rarely perform your obligations (prayer, fasting, etc) , then the rewards would be ,,, meh like your ibadah reward.

And treng teng teng !

Here's the du'a (recite it every time Red Aunty visits you on the first day ) , you might need a pen and a piece of paper ... or just download the image and make it as your desktop wallpaper , yeah I know my handwriting is prettaaay .

"Alhamdulillahi 'Alaa Kulli Haalin
Wa Astaghfirullaha Min Kulli Zanmbin"

Translation : Praise to Allah for every single thing & situation , and I seek for forgiveness from Allah for every single sin .

According to Saiyidina Aishah R.A.
(Copied from a book called Durratun Nasihin Wa Fil, zi Wal Jsrar authored by Osman Bin Hasan Ahmad Al Sakiril Khubuwi) ;

"For every women , the reason of menstrual periods is because it is their time to eliminate the sins of the past  and if they read the prayer (given up there) on the first day : Allah had promised the women
  • the ability to escape through the hell fire 
  • and, could cross Titian Siratulmustaqim safely and with ease
  • and, are secured from the punishment of Allah Ta'ala 
  • and, given for her the reward (in every single day and night) in which equal to forty martyrs/syahid.
  • and, the women are taken in remembrance of Allah Almighty for them.

:- in the time of their menstruation."

*This info is translated from the blog: Noramie79 (credits)

I mean , don't you want those ? Allah had promised us and inshaAllah , the rewards are there to be claimed on the Judgement Day . MashaAllah...

And by this, my dearest muslimat friends,
we should realize how fortunate we are . Even in the state of 'unannounced arrival of Red Aunty' , Allah still bestows us with the chances ; to make more rewards/merits/pahala .
Alhamdulillah .

This is the least I can share , may you find this du'a helpful :)

Keep on being fabulous and see you in the next post . With love , Anis . Muahhhh !

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sahur 1 Ramadhan 1435

My story of first Ramadhon . Hi hu .

Was in my deep slumber , ( I remember being in France or somewhere similar ... sure what a luxurious dream) when I suddenly heard Mak waking us up for sahur . I couldn't sleep last night and was a little bit blur because was being forced awake after 2 hours sleeping.

"It's 5.30 a.m already ! When are you gonna wake up ?!" she went with panicked voice and I quickly flung out of bed , brain still not functioning well. Goodness that was late.

Rushing to the kitchen , I forced my sleepy eyes to focus on the wall-clock but damn I was not wearing my glasses .

No need to see the clock. Mak said 5.30 , so 5.30 it is . Maybe I should just drink a glass of water .
Am I too late ? God . Please let me Sahur T_T

In the kitchen , Abah and my little sis were still chewing their rice and Mak gently beckon me towards my plate. I sat reluctantly and tried to eat my rice super fast ; I felt like a food grinder. In my brain , I can only think of one thing, 'Please don't azan yet. Please no.' Seriously , I've never eat that fast even Abah complimented me for being so wide awake on my first sahur . Haha. I even drank hastily , and was lucky enough not to choke .

I've finished . Abah and my little sister were still eating . See ? I was seriously fast , they haven't finish yet but I was done. I gave them quizzical look for being so slow but was too panicked that I eventually ignored them.
Went to my room , brushed my teeth , perform my Wudhu' and put on my telekung while wondering if I've missed the Azan or the speaker of the mosque had broken.

I grabbed my phone on the bed and went super poker face -_-


5.15 a.m .

yeah . Nice play Mak for making me eat like a hungry lion.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Our Tok Ma is definitely something

Was watching Ceria Popstar with our Tok Ma ( I seriously have no idea how many times they had repeated the broadcast).

Dato' AC was singing "Happy" on the stage and the camera sometimes shot her smiling wife.

And Tok Ma was like , "That's her wife , right ?"
My sister shook her head aggressively and quickly denied , "No way . He's married to an actress." .
But Tok Ma was so confident that , "No. I'm sure he married his P.A or manager something like that. And that is definitely HER face. "

And after that , I Googled . OhKay . Peah : 0 , Tok Ma : 1.

Say what . Tok Ma watches MeleTop okay. You can never underestimate her gossip capability sometimes . She just ... knows .
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Sunday, 6 April 2014

working out

"There are a few things that I really wanna do as soon as the holiday starts."
Yeah . Well then. Ambitious Anis .

One of them is to exercise regularly. Yeah I know I can do that. Meh . It's easy . All you need is great songs to set up the mood. Waaaay too easy. Once you've found the right songs , then the exercise will easily come to you . Everyone knows that, I'm not the only one in this , am I ?

So the plan is , warm up and do some easy steps while watching them from you-tube , and after that , caged myself inside the sauna box. Easy-peasy. While waiting for the trickling sweats to dry , maybe I should just grab a book before taking a shower.
Yeah. Great plan . I know this one will work ! It's too simple .


But when I'm finally home, reality hits me.
Almost every night , before going to bed , " Okay . I'll start tomorrow." But waking up in the morning, I went "Oh my. I'm too dizzy to stretch up. I should relax a bit first. Exercising sounds too extreme."

Grabbing the laptop beside me, and I began to confuse myself with the movies selection. In my case, my world-first-class-dilemma is what-movie-should-I-watch-first or sometimes what-book-should-I-read-first . (Anis's daily dilemma, 2014)
Once I switched on the laptop , the images of me running here and there , making jumping-jacks and breathing heavily seemed to be nowhere .

I tried to console myself by saying it's okay , I should just sit in the sauna box instead (just because exercising is extreme enough). But meh , who am I lying to . That goddamn thing is in the guest room -_- . Like I'm gonna walk there , sit and do nothing for half and hour. I better not waste my time like that !

At the end of the day , I ended up applying the massaging cream only , which at first I thought was a slimming cream (squeaks). Yeah silly me -_- . It was written all over the bottle and I still believed that it's a slimming cream just because of a picture , when it's actually , just a massaging cream. A normal massaging cream .

No wonder my body still look all the same even after a week .

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Risiko tanpa Aida disisi

Aida was away for only two days , likely 24 hours ++ . Her sister is getting married. Congrats Aina ! Aida takda, saya jarang keluar. Hik hok .

But today, sejak Aida takda, I've already bought two pairs of footwear and two handbags .
If Aida is here , she would be , "Anis , dah. Tak lawa la I rasa yang tu." macam last week . After two pairs , "Anis , jom balik." haha . Tak pun , "You nak I potong kaki you ke?"
Haish . How I wish she's here . Haha .
* Though Aida's obsessions towards shopping are much worse than me ! Bezanya , dia banyak duit , me takda duit T_T

But still , no regrets at all buying all those things. Am a happy girl in fact. Weeee :D

Plus , tadi keluar with Dibah. Funny it is , we share the same birth date. So her 'perangai' is soooo like me , though some are not (like she wants many kids and I'm not. haha).
Fadzilah Kamsah said that , perangai orang lahir Mei adalah boros  T_T

Sampai mall je , Dibah terus heret pergi tengok handbags. And she went, "Anis , nanti mung pilih katku eh. Semalam datang dengan Mimi dia tak nak tolong pun."
Okay. Tujuan asal nak belikan untuk Dibah je -_-  taktau la macam mana orang yang meneman pulak boleh terlebih rambang mata. Seriously sale gila2  T_T

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Anis is from parallel universe.

Tadi Yus tanya ,
"Anis ,macam mana nak kurus macam kau eh?"

and I answered ,  "Makan."

Azilah ngan Hajar pulak,
"Kau tak payah tanya budak ni. Dia mana tau berhenti makan . Pagi , makan . lepas 5 minit , lapar balik . Lepastu makan lagi . Petang pergi kelas , lapar lagi. Hidup dalam keadaan sentiasa lapar."

Hemmmm... Mungkin sebab tu kurus kot. Haha. Lagi makan banyak , lagi kurus.

"Jika lapar , jangan teragak2 untuk makan."

Sekian sahaja tips kurus dari Anis.
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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Roomies at Kula Cakes...

Introducing my roomates :)
From left : Denisa (Dee) , Afreena (Fiena) , Aida dan kucing -_-

Assalamualaikum :)

Aida tetiba , "I rasa nak makan cake. Kula Cakes jom."
Elok pulak turun tangga , nampak Fiena ada , heret dia sekali. One complete roomies pergi Kula Cakes. An evening date yang tak dirancang.

There you go. Sampai, Kula Cakes by Lila Wadi.

There you go. Ordered . Moist Chocolate Cake , Red Velvet , Mango Cheese and Pavlova.

These 2 beautifully sliced cakes definitely have their one way ticket to my tummy

This is our first time keluar sesama. Only all four of us. Best . Sangat  T_T
To talk , to gossip , to eat , to laugh , to camwhore. And to laugh again and again.
These girls really made my day. Terus lupa pasal Literature test .

Trademark Kula Cakes is the old rusty bicycle. Wajib ambik gambar kalau dah pergi. Haha. Maka....tanpa teragak-agak mahupun segan silu 

Kalau nak datang sini , saya recommendkan Pavlova , Mango Cheese and Red Velvet.
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