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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My card holder

A few months ago, I was looking for a black tote bag and actually found one to my liking in Esprit. As I was heading to the cashier to settle the payment, the salesgirl approached me, 
" Dik, if you spend another RM150, you will get 20% discounts for your handbag."

Nuh uh. I'm not falling for that. 

I am a strong independent lady. I am not easily shaken by discounts. 

I smiled and gently said no. She said okay. I placed my bag on the counter and the cashier asked me, "Are you sure you don't want to add another RM150?" and I just nodded. 

Silly me thought it would end there. But nooo. These people were good. They knew that we're probably too tired to think straight, from walking in the mall, from eating and all. They knew.

She walked out of the counter and grabbed 2 small pouches in grey for me. Then, she took out her calculator from the drawer, "You see, if you add these, plus your bag, you will get 20% discounts." She tapped the numbers and showed me the bargain; of what I will get and how much I would be spending for three things. 

I swear, it all happened too fast. 
Well, I was probably too tired too. 
I couldn't think straight, but I knew that I got a handbag and 2 card holders from Esprit at a VERY reasonable price. With discounts !

Okay. Fine. 

I am not a strong independent lady. I am easily shaken by discounts.

Since I bought two matching card holders, I gave one to Kubis (so we can have matchy2 things, ye know. Yeah, we sweet lidat). 

Tbh, I didn't even know why I bought them hahaha because impulsive Anis here clearly wouldn't be needing a card holder. 
My purse has the compartments for cards and in fact,with extra places to stash my receipts. 
Besides, just look at the SIZE in the model's hand ! 

It is so small, and I bought two of these babies -_-  

When I handed it to Kubis, she went , "What can I put in here ?" 

Rite. Nak letak apa ya?
and I replied, "I don't know. Just put your cotton pads or whatever."

Anyway, I am so not getting to my points yet. Hahaha. Gotta go. Will continue the story in another post. Toodles !

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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Nothing much really happen these days. I spend most of the times finishing my forever-mounting assignments and in between, de-stressing (if you know what I mean). 

So a few days ago, I found out that people in Carousell also sell preloved books ! I have contacted a few of them and sealed a deal with one today. We went to Queensbay to pick my books and Gosh she's nice. 
It's funny, how an introvert like me can chat FACE TO FACE with a stranger when it comes to books. Besides, we shared common interest in the genre :) 

Ended up having Chilli Pan Me there (again) and couldn't find our way out for a few hours. 
Bukan sesat jalan.
Tapi disesatkan oleh kedai-kedai duniawi.
MashaAllah, sister.
RM 6.90 for this portion. SO CHEAP kan ?!

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The end of my era

I have a feeling that I'm approaching the end of my glorious prime days, guys. Like, seriously. I kept on forgetting things which I'm not even supposed to.

Last Friday, I stopped by at the 7 Eleven to withdraw some money.
Anyway, Mayra was at the counter and I quickly headed to the ATM.
Inserted the card.
Keyed in my PIN numbers,
Tapped on the amount,
The machine popped out my card.

I casually took the Bank Islam debit card and quickly headed to the counter , queueing behind Mayra. The cashier suddenly went , "Miss ! Your money !" with a surprised face as she pointed at the machine. A few 50 notes were sticking out of the gaping hole and I went all "Astaghfirullahalazim ! MashaAllah..." and more zikir I could think of.  hahahaha.

Seriously. What was I thinking.
Luckily, I was still there, inside the 7E. If not, the next person withdrawing money would have hit a jackpot.
Surprisingly, that was not the first time.
They usually have the loud beeping sound (trust me, I am used to that A LOT) but maybe the machine was broken or it didn't have any speaker attached to it.

But still,
No one. But Anis. Only Anis can do that.

Apart from the ATM incident,
yesterday, I lost my phone. Again. Have I been eating ants or what ? *jumps off a cliff

We frantically went here and there .... only to find it in a drawer of the lecturer's desk.
Earlier that day, we had a morphology presentation and we did use the desk to place our laptop. However, I couldn't recall on WHY did I ever put my phone INSIDE the drawer, instead of ON the table.


I guess, this is it. The end of my glory is approaching. I'm going to turn into a forgetful and old frail lady real soon.

On a brighter side, now we know that the supplements for the brain are not working.
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Monday, 20 March 2017

Stress eating

Stress eating. It's happening to me , guys. And it's serious. I could go from eating a bowl of rice at 9 , followed by some burgers and more snacking afterwards.
And at 11, I'll be hungry again -_-'

Sure, I had fun eating. But frankly speaking, do I ?

I have an assignment which needs to be handed in less than 24 hours and we have started doing it for days and we kept coming to a dead end. Hence, resulting to more eating. Can't think, eat. Sleepy, eat. Still hungry ? Guess what ? EAT SOME MORE !

Btw, today marks the 3rd day we have been ordering McDelivery for 3 days straight ! What a notable achievement haha

I know I complained a lot about my unhealthy lifestyle ... but what else can I complain about when this is the only thang that can drive me crayzay haha

Kbye. Nak gi sambung buat assignment !

p/s : Nana cries a lot because of this assignment, I hope I can recall this in the future and rub it onto her face hahahahha

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Indecisive on hobby

My dad is suddenly into cycling.

He is the only person I know which is into a lot of hobbies. Unlike my Mom, who is in a love-hate relationship with her sewing machine since forever, my dad frequently jumps from one hobby to another.

Last ten years, he's really into carving , he carved most of the decorations in our house.
Similar to this kind, but this is not his photo.
Took it form Google
Well, they're undeniably beautiful but he did not completely finish them -_-' . After a year or two, he got bored and just sent the rest of the woods to the shop and paid people to finish it.

Later, he's into camping, hiking and caving. Like, seriously into it, he even joined clubs and all. In fact, us girls also followed him sometimes if it's not so adventurous (like Gunung Jerai and other easy2 hills). I was probably 10 or 11 at that time. It was fun, since my other schoolmates didn't really do that at my age. So, when I went to school, I could brag bout it. Hahaha. Besides, the most 'camping feels' they got to experience was at PADANG SEKOLAH !
Poor kids.

Afterwards, he's really into photography, so he bought a quite expensive camera which he is still struggling to use ,,, even after 5 years. Was it 5 years ? Or has it been 10 ? I don't know anymore. And now, he just uses his phone to take photos .
"Excuse me, Abah. Where's that camera you said you gonna use forever ?" Hahaha

After that, he's into ... hmm I don't know anymore. I lost track already. So many things.

And this year, he's suddenly into cycling. Being him, that man must have a lot of new year resolutions to be completed . #midlifecrisis is hard

Despite of the forever-changing hobbies he has, I somehow can understand how it feels like. I mean , hobby doesn't have to be definite, does it ?
There's this one person I met from usrah , who still likes collecting stamps. People still do that ? Hats off, kudos, good job, tabik spring, whatever you deserve. I can never stick to one thing like that. Besides, where can you get stamps these days ?

Anyway, Abah is currently in Indonesia with my Mom for the weekends, and my uncle from KL came back to Kelantan yesterday. So Dad is coming home tonight and just now in the Family whatsapp ;

"Esok boleh cycle tak? " to my uncle .

And he's not even in the flight back to Malaysia yet ! Tak menyabar   -___-'

Poor Mak, all alone these days. If I call her in the evening, Abah is usually out with his friends, doing non other thing but cycling. And if I call him, "Call nanti. Abah nak keluar ni," Amboi . Kemain sekarang.

But one thing for sure, I feel like hobbies connect me with my parents.
My Mom's eyes would sparkle if I talk about those 'sewing things' and when we exchange ideas on what to do.
My Dad would get excited if we discuss about nature and paintings.
And the most important thing is, they would support me in everything I do :)

Thank you, you two, for always being there :)

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New member of the house

I would like to announce that ...

I am now a Mother !
I am now officially nurturing... a pot of baby aloe vera !

So a few days ago, Nana came home with "Anis, LOOK !" , face plastered with ear-to-ear smile as she pointed at a pot of aloe vera on the table.

A week before, she had texted me that she's gonna bring the plant because she's going to need the gel to treat her skin. And I was like, "Aaa okay."
"But can you take care of it for me?"
" ....."
"I'll give you some of the gel."
"Aaa emm aaa okay."  Hahaha. So that's it. The story of how I became a Mom to Vera Wang. Yeah I decided to name it Vera Wang cause ye know... Aloe Vera, , ,Vera, Vera Wang.  *blows nails*

I am yet to know if I'm capable of taking care some MUTE plant . I mean, cats meow whenever they're hungry, right ? and humans would go "Anis, I lapar," if they're hungry , right ? Right ?

But with plants ?


I ... don't know. What if I forget to water it ?!

Anyway, I saw Nana literally screaming to the plant only this evening, "GROW FASTER ! AND LET ME HARVEST YOU ! GROW (and yadayadadada some inaudible ramble).." and the inner Mom-ness in me jut went

Everyone knows babies have their own pace at growing ! How. dare. you. push. my. Vera. 

You, missy. Ain't be gettin' any gel from my baby. Uh. Uh. No. 

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Sunday, 1 January 2017

My New Year resolutions

Morning guys !

And happy new year !!!

Nothing new. 2017 and still stuck with these two buffoons. I tell you, there's no way out.
I gave up a long time ago.

Reflecting back on my last resolutions, didn't think I manage to blog as often as I promised. I mean, who was I kidding, right ? Fooled myself big time. Every single year.

So this year, I'm not gonna made myself a dum-dum with my silly promises yet again.
Blog more often ? Who has the time to do that these days ? Pffttt please.

And restrain-yourself-from-shopping ?

Oh gullible old Anis. Staaahhhppp. I am laughing so hard. You sweet summer child. You knew you can never do that. What a funny resolutions.

It's okay, dear.
It's new year, so let's start with a fresh beginning.

Okay. Let's see what do we have ...
Other than the same-old,same-old resolutions " keep my iman, increase the taqwa, spend more time with Quran, make my parents happy, say Alhamdulillah more often, respect my friends and others and... yadayadayada.." , I also added a new one this year.


It went pretty well this morning, I must say. Quite proud of myself. Woke up early, made nasi lemak. Have the determination to study.
It's going to be a good year.

"Avoid procrastination as procrastination is the thief of time," I chanted to myself a few times. Plus, we have a linguistic paper in a few days and I haven't started anything.
Really needed the encouragement to flame up the fire to study.

"Avoid procrastination as.." opened my laptop, still chanting.

"procrastination is the thief of time. Avoid.." still chanting, cursor clicking on Google Chrome. Typed in 'USM e-learn' and logged in into our portal to check any last updates from the lecturer before I started studying.

"Avoid procrastina..." Actually, why don't I open my Facebook for a while and check my emails. Opened a new tab.


11 AM in the morning and I have watched 3 movies.

You know what,
maybe I should postpone my resolution first. Add it for 2018. I should be able to do that by then.
Shouldn't I ?

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Swimming right was taken

These past few days during study week, I realized that I easily got tired. 

No joke, guys. 

Even climbing up a flight of stairs can make me run out of breath. You can see me telling the people in front of me, huffing and puffing with " Waaaiii..t." and followed by, "Tha..nk y...ou," as I gasp for more air after they open the door (connecting doors from parking to our lobby) for me. 

And, it's only a flight of stairs. 

I don't know why. 

Okay. We all know why. 

I'm no longer in shape ! 
My face is getting more round. And my tummy is not as cool as before. I don't want to go further but all I can say, I'm not fit like I used to be. I used to be able to do more than 10 minutes of jumping jacks and now, I don't even dream of getting out of the bed. 
If before, despite of me not liking the track, we still went to jog around the campus. All we do now is counting how many more bags of chips left and when should we go out to buy more. 
With us being us, I have to cook more portions of rice too. 


Dear Lord, what has gotten into us. 

So this evening, as we came back from our grocery shopping (again!) and discussed on how fat we have became, we decided to go for a swim.  
Also, when was the last time we went for an exercise ? Was it 3 months ago ? God. 

The pool looked quite empty with only a few Arab kids playing with each other, so it would be less embarrassing if I couldn't catch my breath after like ... 1 meter. Haha. 

Okay. Should be fine. 

And so we changed into the suit and went down, all giddy to get our skinny old-self back. 
Took the shower. Entered the pool and glided to the other side of the pool. And oh boy. Am.I.getting.heavier?

I pedalled so hard and I moved only like a few inches ! Unbelievable. I thought a mermaid would always be a mermaid. Now I know why King Arthur rarely swim here and there. Must be hard for him. 

And man oh man, my prediction was true. I had to literally stop in the middle of the pool and catch my breath (not the while-swimming one. But the I-am-tired-let-us-pause-for-a-five-seconds). 


Dear Lord, what has gotten into us.

Half an hour later, as these water bugs were doing some in-the-water exercises (gave up on trying to swim at this point) , the guard came to Nana and told her we should be wearing a complete suit. 
But ,,, we are. 

"With a cap."

"But I'm wearing my tudung."

"No. A cap."

Bruh. Are you for real ? 

We told him we're sorry and we won't do it again. He said okay and walked away. 

A few minutes later, another guard came and told us the same thing. But this time, he insisted that we have to go out. 



Not that I really wanted to swim anyway. Pffttt. Like swimming can burn any calories. 

But seriously, 
Dear Lord, what has gotten into them. 

We used to come here almost every other week last time. When did they change the rule. 
So that's it. I'm not gonna swim in a cap. Of course I have to wear tudung. 

Now, maybe we can try going to the gym in the common room. 

Or do we have to strip for the gym too ? 

Urgh. Seriously.

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Monday, 12 December 2016


So LELaC has finally sailed.

Wouldn't say successfully but at least, not that bad. Okay,

it was BAD.

Hahaha. I've been in the committee for almost three years now and this year, it's quite chaotic. Nevertheless, Eka (and others too) did a superb job throughout the planning process. It's just, we might have underestimate the D-day itself and hence, things went out of control. Received quite a number of the on-the-spot registration and hence, leading to inadequate rooms, shirts, food and a few other things.
Parents should know better not to drag their kids and the luggages here and request to register on that day. *sigh
Booking rooms and halls are the hardest things to do here in our campus.

Past is in the past. Let us remember all of the happy memories now :)

A few days before the event, each department was assigned with our own decoration task and ours happen to build two caves.
So we did the caves and all , and the night before, was ready to hang it at the entrance. But then ,,, Dr. K got a change of plan and asked us to "Just paste it on the wall as backdrop"  -_- Not where I expected it to be.

Look how ugly it is as a backdrop. He added the plastics some more. Haih.

Painting a ship at 1 AM. Just yet another normal day.

Didn't have enough brown paint and could only manage to paint half hahaha

I'm in charge of Publicity and also help those people in Multimedia. As for the job scope, Ngoi helped A LOT to publicise too as he sought for sponsors and we received more numbers this year compared to the years before. So yeah, high five for that. Thank you Ngoi.

As expected , a few familiar faces also came again ; some at their 5th year, 4th year and mostly 3rd year already with us. And according to these Senior Lelacers , "Next year, accept less people , so it would be more fun like the years before." Haha okaaay. Noted

Our team. 

Holding a camera without a stand for two hours per session was seriously tiring. Walking here and there trying to get EACH & EVERY PERSON in the photos, also tiring because else, the parents would ask
"Where is my kid." "How is he doing ?" "Is she fine." 

God. The kids don't even miss their parents and the parents were seriously clingy. Haha. Since we had to handle all of the social medium; we had to indirectly handle the parents too. 

Overall, it was tiring with a few assignments due in the same week, yet quite a memorable one with the team. I really enjoy the moments with them :)

Since I'm not in the photo most of the times , so I'm gonna leave this one in here, just to appreciate that one moment I'm actually in one. Hahahha

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Updating on other's love life coz I don't have one

So our lil kambing has been making progress for these past few days. He has gotten more confident to talk to women (not face-to-face. Not yet.) and has been so happy getting the attention and replies on Tinder hahaha.

I've known Hadi for quite a long time now and we became close because I helped him to get my dorm-mate six years ago and our friendship still continues despite of them breaking up. Too bad, I ship them so much although they don't really meet often. How did they survive, was also a wonder.

This guy, for all I know, couldn't even ask for a girl's number before (wrote about it here). And now, look at him...

But a few hours later, he told me he got rejected. It's okay boy. It's okay. You can try again. He was so excited. The last time he asked a girl out, the girl turned out to be ... well , how to put this. Hmm..not really into guys. Or not into penis at all. Hehe. They met in Dota2. If it's me, I wouldn't expect much too.

Let us hope he will get Kate and she's not a gay.

baru reply gitu. Perasan la dia ni

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Battling against our fear

"While we're still together, let's make a pact and overcome our fears."

We were having our lunch at that time as the idea suddenly hit me. "I think I have something to deal with before I graduate but I can't recall any." I continued, focusing on Nana who was busy chewing her burger, "Nana, you promised to drive before we grad, right? What was mine , eh ?" I believed I have told her once.

"Really ? I can't recall any." Mouth filled with the juicy meet and bread, she wiped her mouth with a napkin, "But I'm not ready yet! We have like a year left. I can't drive yet!"

Mayra jumped in with, "This is good for you la Nana."

"True. Overcome it while we're still here together. What if we go different ways? It would be harder." I had to agree. However, in my mind, I was still busy searching for the promise I remember making one last year and I can't seem to find any ! What did I really want to overcome? What was it. Urgh. This is hard - when you know it's there but you can't make any sense out of it.

"How about me ? What should I do?" Mayra asked, sipping her green tea frappe and continued munching her fries.

"Hmmm... Throw away Goigoi." She let out a moan of frustration and listed down the reasons why she couldn't do that and how impossible it was ; the reasons which I didn't pay much attention too, knowing very well she wouldn't do it. She even planned to pass it down to her kids after she dies. Poor Mayra's kids. *If you're Mayra's heir and is reading this, know that Aunty had countlessly tried to stop her. Hahaha.

"Hmmm... I don't know. Maybe some progress with Haziq? Like Skyping together." Mayra and Haziq have a very odd relationship to me. They never call each other and Skyping is definitely out of question. How do they survive the 4 years relationship, is also a wonder to me. One is in Australia and one is in Malaysia , yet WhatsApp is the only thing which connects them. Respect. *claps like a retarded seal*
She said no, no. Haziq wouldn't like the idea. As much as she would love to, he will always find excuses and get away from it. Haha. Okay. Cross that one.

"But if you want me to drive, don't let me know okay. It has to be without any notice and instantaneous !" wearing a frown on her face, Nana was still worried about her side of pact. We're already discussing about Mayra and her mind was still all over the place. Driving was like a nightmare she had been avoiding for years ! Mayra and I only laughed at her I-can-throw-up-anytime-thinking-about-driving and only replied with "Yea yeah we will see."

We continued naming our fear.

"Anis, tell your mom.." My mom is the person I love the most and hurting her is the last thing I would do. We argued a lot, that's for sure but when it comes to serious matter, she's the only person I rely on the most. Thus, whenever I have unresolved issues, it scares me to face her. She is fierce but for me, she's just being meticulous and thorough. Nana and Mayra knew about this too, so they have a long list of the 'tell your Mom' series . Hahaha. But most of them are the things she's okay with and not really a fear for me; like, "Tell your Mom you don't wanna be a teacher."  -_- but I want to, and why would I tell her that?

"People. We're talking about fear. A fear we should be able to control because it's good for us."

"Watch horror movies," they said.

And how is watching horror movies good for me ? "A'ah kan. She would be scared and we will be in troubles too. I don't want to teman her every time." Lol. Adoi these two hahaha.
We eventually gave up on mine and continued with Mayra.

Mayra had to endure social anxiety, so talking to someone she's not accustomed with is not something she really look forward to. We settled with, "So, Mayra will conquer her fear of talking to random strangers. Okay ?"

Three of us nodded in unison , except Mayra and Nana had worries on their faces.

We were talking about mine and in the end, it remained unresolved while those two have theirs.

What should I overcome eh ?
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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Anis and Glasses

Again, I lost my glasses.

Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, with flashbacks of my facade from half an hour ago. It sat still on my nose bridge , the last time I can recall.
Maybe it will come back again to me tomorrow. If I sleep. Like it always does.
Or just like most times, maybe Nana and Mayra will come to me with, "Anis. Glasses." like they always do. Well, I hope they will. Cos I can't find my glasses when everything around me is all blurry like a low quality YouTube video.

Last week, while we're on the ride from classes, Mayra wondered how would it feel if we can take off our body parts and have to reassemble them like how we have to put on clothes and tudung before going out.

"If so, you will not only hear me asking 'have you seen my glasses' every morning but also, 'guys, where is my leg?' and 'any idea where i put my ear?'"

I thank Allah for He did not make us do that. Because, me going to classes without nose is possible. Hahaha.

I swear I put them at one particular place ; our dressing table. Still, they're not there whenever I need them the most. I have three pairs (2 in Penang, 1 back at home) but as you might have guessed , their mysterious disappearance is one enigma I can't simply solve. There're times when I lost all three and there're times when I lost only 1 or 2 of them, so I can find the missing one with the available one. But tonight, with everyone being asleep, no one can help me to find them. And here I am, lying on my bed, head spinning to moments and sequences of my routines. Where could they possibly be ?

Are they plotting something against me? Is there any unresolved revenge between us ?

God I wish no.

Or is there ?
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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

So Zalora had a sale last night. Well, technically, they always do but yeah I don't care I'm gonna pretend it's one of those special sales. 

I promised myself not to get anymore shoes. 
However, this one might be another exception I couldn't avoid. 
Two pairs of heels, one in pearl white and the other one in black. 
Black and white. 
Compulsory colours in everyone's wardrobe ok.
Needed them.
Because they're compulsory. 

On another note, you know what else is compulsory in my shoe rack? 

Had been eyeing this fella for quite a long time but I kept on getting a constant "Nope" from Nana and Mayra. 

*taps on the floor impatiently

Okay. Bye. Gotta go buy one.
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Thursday, 20 October 2016


Last few weeks, Mayra, Nana and I made a Tinder account. With the buzz about it and with people around us saying it was fun and all, Mayra started first. Besides, we were sooo free at that time as we had to come to USM a week early for a meeting. We had no class, we had no assignments and gurls just wanna have fun haha. 

Seeing how easy peasy the app was, Nana and I began to explore it too. I told Hadi about this and he went , "I've told you before. It's nice. You can meet new people and make new friends." and I juts went yeah yeah whatever stop brushing it on my face. 
It went all fine but I have deleted my account due to some bugs and didn't reinstall it as I was beginning to get busy. 

However, that's not the whole point of this post. Excuse me for the long intro :P 

Moving fast forward to last week, one of the guys in Nana's match was one you can literally drool on, and so she swiped right and they matched. They started chatting and there's something off about this guy. The only odd thing is that, his confident level was sooo low. I mean, don't people with good looks are usually over confident ? 
Well, am not being stereotypical but aren't they ? 

This guy on the other hand, was like a school boy (confident level needs serious help this one) and  with nerdy sides despite of his older age. Seeing how uninteresting he was, Nana decided to unmatch him...but before she could do it, Mayra coaxed her with, "Ala Nana, he's cute. Give him second chance." hahaha. And so she did.  Boy should thank Mayra for he just scored a second chance. 

Not long after, Nana found out that he loves History and reading; which is totally a game changer. The conversation went from mundane to meh I would say quite fun although not as fun haha.
They started exchanging each other's Instagram account and Nana quickly approved him. 

However, when Nana tried to follow him, he did not approve her. How. Weird. Is. That. 

And suddenly he texted her, 

"Gosh. You are really pretty."  Okay. So ? 
and followed by, " I can't do this. I'm not confident."

Nana asked why and... Do you know what his answer was ???

"Actually, the photos on my Tinder profile aren't mine." *jaws dropped to the basement*
Just. Why. Would. You. Do. That. 

Mannn no wonder your personality is not what you look like. Detective game, over. Case is solved.

Apparently, it was a photo of an Indonesian actor -_____- . Of course. An actor. No wonder. 

He eventually approved Nana but there's not a single photo of him there. Might had deleted them before approving that woman. Lol. Insecurity games strong. 

"Check his tagged photo," I told her and so she did. 

So,,, yeah, no wonder he is not confident. I didn't mean to be judgemental but mannn, why did you use other's photo for your Tinder profile. Although I do not go for looks (well of course other girls  do consider about the looks) but still, that is CHEATING. And cheaters, pay. 

We told him that it is not good to do that and I don't know. The whole thing just ended there. Haha. The end. 
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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Captured and Lost

Last two weeks , I lost all of my photos . All of them . And I'm not the kind who keep photos on Instagram or Facebook anymore. Yeah. Just sad.
And in our circle, I'm that one friend who keep ugly photos of everyone :'(

So I made a promise to myself to :

First , MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE UPLOADED TO ICLOUDS . This is just so sad. I remember syncing the photos in iCloud and still, they went missing after I signed in, leaving me with only slides from Keynotes. I was already sad that my videos from iMovies were gone. And to open Photos to find nothing... was a very heartbroken moment I wish not to mention here.

RECORD EVERY MOMENTS FROM NOW ON. This is very important. I may look like a person who hates walking down the memory lane. Well yeah, apparently, I am not. I just looove keeping memories and looking back at them remembering what actually happened on those days. With Nana's birthday coming really soon, I was thinking to make an album of us ,  but guess who just lost all of her photos ?

DON'T DELETE YOUR IG PHOTOS , Anis -_- . Sometimes , I like doing that for no reason (as if I'm not a weirdo enough) and yeah. The regrets keep on mounting by days. I just want my old photos badly. Too bad we didn't print them out. Who would have ever thought iCloud would betray and stab me like this ? *cries a bucket*

And, BLOG EVERY TIME POSSIBLE. The only good thing that comes from me blogging (though as rarely as it may be), is that I have some photos online. I turned a few posts into private for aurat reasons but hey , at least I can re-download them from here. Yayyy.

I'm sure I said a lot of things about trying to keep the memories in here. But I am sure, the next latest post you will ever be getting from me is when I am already home for semester break. Haha. I said this all the time but we ARE busy this semester. Hahaha.

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Friday, 22 April 2016

It's hard being straight and hating men this much

There you go. Not a common search a girl with a loving father and family would make. 

I admit it - I'm a woman who hates men. I feel nothing but anger, disgust and revulsion towards them. Yes. I'm that type of women everyone makes stereotypical jokes about.

It's not that I don't try to stop this feeling. I tried making friends with them (and mind you I'm an introvert) and some, I'm in good term with but yeah at the end of the day , I can't stop this feeling to quickly judge men.  

I don't hate them because they have more privileges and rights, or because I think women are better than men. I quickly became angry when every time , they turn into jerks, assume that women are easy and stupid , objectify us and start being possessive on us. And I find it suffocating. 

I have no experience with abuses but I know people around me who are being abused and objectified. I see my parents' marriage as a perfect one but I'm not sure if I am able to have it. I learn that most marriages fail, some walk away and some just stay in it, enduring the disgust and emotions for the sake of society and dignity. So, I've finally learned not to let myself have feelings for any man because the chances of me to eventually hate him is high. 

I have tried to be in a circle where I can comfortably sit and talk with men but it didn't last long. I trusted them as good friends and they turn into real jerks; I'm better off with my girls. 

Since I was in lower secondary, I have decided that I never want to get married and I want to have children by myself through artificial insemination but unfortunately muslims can't do that.

I know I should be very successful so that I'm far better off raising a child all by myself than trying to rely on some immature man-child to help out. 

The only person I can trust and rely is only ME. I'm not gay and I know this is not good. It is sinful and I can't help it. Am I sick ? Should I consult a therapist ? 

I don't know what is wrong with me and how long will this last. It has been years. 

Every time I talk about this, people would say that it is very sinful not to marry. So, if you're a guy, would you marry a woman who hates you ? 

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Friday, 5 June 2015

What will you be if you're not a teacher?

I tried rereading my post from the past few months just now and I just realized that the only time I blogged the most were during study week and semester break . hahaha. 
Anis, you seriously has no life !

But pfffttt seriously who got time to blog EVERYDAY when you dont even have enough time to sleep.

 Now that I'm home :) , it's time for non-stop update ! hehe. 

It's fun when you met new people. You will have different perspective on life, you have new stories to hear and you can share your thoughts and listen to different feedbacks as well. 
I just love the thrill of it. 

So last night I received a question of "What will you be if you're not a teacher?" from a new friend of mine.

Never thought of that . Yeah exactly. What will I be ? I kinda have a lot in mind yet was not really sure of my exact answer. 
I mean, of course I have to start considering about every aspects of my life , I'm twenty for God sake ! I'm at the very beginning of my life's turning point. 
At this age phase, 20-35 hemm, I'll have to buy a car, gotta pay bills, gotta buy house/s, gonna build a family, so many things, I pening already . Lol. 
Can't believe I just turned 20 when I still can recall myself playing hide and seek at school. 

Okay . Let's list down what I have in mind...

1) The next Vivy Yusof 

There. I just typed the most ridiculous ambition ever. If I am to have a student like this in my class, I would stand in front of her (or it could be a him . awww) and laugh my heart out and ask , 
"Can you please stop daydreaming?" 
Well at least my students can never know I used to write 'mermaid' and 'detective' as my ambition during my school years. 
Totally not my fault. It was cool okay . Mermaid can swim all day long. And detectives are just smart with that pipe in their mouth. Very cool okay.
And when I grew up (I mean , getting taller by a few inches), I learned that being an entrepreneur is quite cool too. You got loads of money and can buy loads of stuff and can show to the boys how powerful a woman can be haha. 
However, pathetic as it may seem .... this empty brain of mine got no business skills but dust. Well, if it's pixie dust, I would be rich by now but sadly, it's just merely dust *insert sad and crying emoji*.

Vivy is just so inspiring. She came out with tons of ideas about online shopping despite of the challenges. And now, almost every woman knows her brand. With her husband's help, they are doing really well as a team. 
Hats off. 
In case you're reading Vivy, you have inspired me a lot in so many ways. 
Had been dreaming for years to have such an optimistic personality. 
XOXO. haha

2) Own a branch of kindergarten

People always look perplexed when I say I wanna open kindergarten. They will either give me the sympathetic look or just went "Ohhh..." . And then they change the subject. -_-

Guys, kindergarten is the most prominent alma mater for every living soul. It is where we started our chapter as a student and embark on the journey of schooling years. So now, can you please stop being such a living paradox ? -..- and give me some encouraging words .

Me being such a biatch when people start belittling the importance of such thing, I decided to just set my dream aside first and continue having them when I have infinite source of moolah. lol. 
Only then , I will shove it on their face. Muahaha.

I will show them the product of my kindergarten. It will be very posh. Hemph. 

3) Housewife

If I ever tell my Mom about this, she will definitely start giving me endless lectures of how unfitted I am for this job. Lol. She will go crayzeyh, so lets just keep it as a secret okay. 

Too many flaws and drawbacks in this ambition, I did not dare to dream of being one. Yet ,,, 
if I can achieve those two goals up there, who knows I can work from home and still being called as a housewife.
*Sigh* I dont know. 
The term 'housewife' sounds so cool . I know I can never get the title 'supermom' but at least , yeah. Housewife would be enough I guess. 
Sounds so noble and ... cool. 

And, that's the last one. Well, I dont think you wanna hear about me being in other professions (dont make me start on how great I will look if I can be a pilot or at least, bus driver). I really should stop. 

Too many things to think and I'm still unsure if this age is the right time for me to start planning and raking my future. But one thing for sure, I should live my life to the fullest for the time being and just enjoy my life as a student.
I am sure I will miss this bumpy roller coaster ride. University is just full of surprise. 

Yang lain ? Later lah fikir. 

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Monday, 25 May 2015

When you are ousted from conversations -_-

Greetings :)

Too many things happened these past few months and I felt sorry for myself for not having ample time to update this blog though I had promised myself to keep all the memories of my undergrad life in here :'( . Okay , so lets jump to the latest update haha .
Despite of the endless assignments and projects and thesis *yawn* , my two roommates still have time to squeeze themselves to watch Game of Thrones in between -_-. They had been crazy about it and was willing to stay up late just for the sake of the series.

Allia was motivated to finish every assignments a.s.a.p while Nana was discouraged by the fact that she can never watch it until they both submit their work , a pinky promise they made yesterday. And this evening, I found Allia playing the soundtrack for the intro song and Nana was crying beside her ,
"Allia don't do this to me ."
"No lah . Allia just nak bagi rasa semangat nak siapkan kerja."
"No . We are different ! I feel like watching them." and covered her face with her chubby palms while sobbing.

Okaaay. That was one serious issue. Not knowing how to settle those two ,

I couldn't ask for more annoying roommates who quote Game of Thrones in their daily conversation , could I ? 

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Monday, 6 October 2014

my short balik kampung days

Going back to Penang tonight T_T

Raya haji this year is quite...dull . Haha. I only came back for 4 days , which is VERY short. *cries *stomping

Day 1 
  • Of course I slept all day long . Had my period pain and hemm you don't even need the details about the Red Aunty . 

Day 2
  • Still having my period pain . And it's even worse . I hate my Red Aunty . She's a jerk , if you look for the word jerk in the dictionary , you can find her below it -_- . 
  • Hadi called to ask me out but I was curling helplessly in our library (don't even know why I dragged all of my comforter and pillow and curled there in the first place) and couldn't pick up my phone. He was mad bahahahahaha because he's only free on that day and I can't go out. Well, not my fault . Lol . 

Day 3
  • My raya outfit turned out to be bigger than the last time I tried it . lol . Mak bought me this one dress in mint colour (FAVOURITE !!!!) and unexpectedly I loose some weight.
  • Didn't even go to the qurban session like before . Cos I was reading novels and my parents left me at home -_-
  • Ming (an aunty whose famous for her 'ccolek' haha) was not at kampung . So I have to make my own 'ccolek perut'. Thank God everybody like them ! Aunty and CikSu even praised me. Weeheee . Hahahah . Take a bite . "Sedapnyaaaa". Take another bite. "Along buat macam mana?". Take another bite. "Cukup rasa laah." And I was like *fliphair *fliptudung *flipjubah *flipeverything
  • Una picked Farah and me , then we drove to Pe'in's house . Felt sooo good to be able to do some catch up . Anyway, they've changed a lot (physically haha) :) 

Day 4
  • And today ... Mak wanted to visit her old friends somewhere in Pasir Putih and God ,,, the traffic jammed -_- 
  • Had some selfies while waiting for the crazy traffics to calm down

Because Abah would ALWAYS do this every time I attempt a selfie -_-

Mak . Seriously . There aren't many pictures of her smiling -_-

I did nothing much in 4 days , not even a single assignment :'( and I'll be leaving again tonight . Sobbs

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