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Friday, 7 April 2017

Bountiful Hikmahful Path

I was browsing my draft from my old blog post earlier this morning in my desperate attempt to retrieve my photos. Gosh. So many memories, so many stupid things. Haha.

I remember when I first started this blog (after a few other blogs were forgotten), it was after my PLKN and I was so bored at home. A few weeks later, I received my SPM result (which post I've hidden)

Rereading on how I had a severe fever during the big exam and having my parents to come and pick me up from the hostel, I remember how I used to lie on the bed for two days straight, not able to wake up, couldn't even call my parents. My roommates surely felt bad for me but they were in the battlefield themselves, yet I feel glad that they were the ones who called my parents. Since our last few papers were during school holiday, there was no warden at that time.

I remember Mak telling me, "It's okay, you have tried," because I was so frustrated I couldn't make her proud. Crying was the only thing I did. All I could think of was, "after all of the effort I put in studying and going to tuitions, I flushed them all during the D-day."

But Mak was the best, she just told me to pray and to always remember that

no matter how hard I tried, it is for Allah to decide. 

Forgive me Allah, for the times I thought that my plan is better than yours.

Seeing the old posts, Mak was right. There are sooo many things that I have learned from the unfortunate event, or should I call,,, a very hikmahful event. I didn't get the chance to further the study in my favourite field like most of my friends because of the glitch but I learned a lot more important lessons at my own pace here in Malaysia.

Mind you, I didn't even know how to do a lot of things before. But I discovered a lot of new fun things which I made into hobbies.

Unlike my sister, I didn't think I spent a lot of time with my parents before because I was in boarding school but I have more chances to see them now :) and I couldn't be more blessed.

The people that Allah have encountered me with, taught me a lot about facing life. All of the small and big things around me, somehow made me feel glad that Allah has specifically chosen this beautiful path for me.
One insignificant thing in my life had led me to more major things.
And I couldn't be more glad.

Looking forward to unlocking more delightful obscurities :)
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Monday, 6 February 2017

It's been long since I last draw flowers and I thought, why not.
My favourite subjects are usually animals but I just discovered that it's not nice in Islam to draw animals or human figures.
That kinda bummed me out, it took me a few hours of reluctance but I finally threw away all of my animal drawings.
I had quite a pile of collection, 90% of my sketches are of animals but it's okay :)
I can always draw something else.
Besides, if your hobbies only make you to disobey Allah, what's the use of doing something that you like without blessings anyway. Right ?
It's like, all these while, you're asking to be showered with His blessings and yet, you're doing something that He doesn't like.

Thus, from today onwards, even in expressing my hobby, I should fix my niat :)

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Stranger on the bus

This morning, I took a bus from Penang to Pasir Mas, going back home to enjoy my study week break. Most of the times, I prefer to take the ride at night, so that I can sleep throughout the whole journey but since all of the tickets are sold out, leaving me with no choice but to grab the only seat left on Friday, I am now home :)

Well, I'm not blogging to write about the whole mundane journey but what's interesting happened today is that I meat this one Chinese uncle on the bus. Quite old, around my Gramp's age.

I was reading 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' while waiting for the toilet stop ended. And the uncle was on his way to his seat , "What are you reading?" and smiling, I showed him the cover.
"Oh, I'm on my way to finish a book too," he said, revealing a white thick book entitled 'Quran translation'. I replied by saying I have it too but in Malay while taking out my Quran from my handbag and he said that he doesn't know how to read in Malay.
"It's nice isn't it? I haven't finished it but I'm almost there."

We talked for quite a while and I found out that he's on his way to learn Quran at Pulau Melaka, Tok Guru's house. He is a Muslim Chinese, just converted two years ago, was a Father at a church in Langkawi, currently an engineer and he was in Penang to study Quran too but they suggested him to go to Kelantan. It was his first time going to Kelantan and he was so nervous. He's all alone and yeah, I can understand why he was.

That uncle talked a lot and I was quite impressed seeing his determination to study the Quran.
"It's hard you know. When you live alone, you go to work early in the morning and you get back late in the evening, you won't have the time to study it. Well, I know the basic, the prayer, a few small surahs which I memorised. But I am yet to know how to read it."

True. I felt quite small as I listened to him yesterday. I'm born as a Muslim and I barely take time to improve my reading. I can read the Qur'an but of course, there is no stopping in learning it. It might be imperfect and it is my obligation to find the teacher, allocating some time for my best friend in the graveyard later. And this uncle, old and alone, was persistent to make use of his weekends.

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Effort dekatan diri dengan Deen

Last night, I was scrolling down the Facebook when a friend shared a post from iium confession, entitled "Maksiat & Taubat Rutin Harian Aku" . I'm not going to comment anything about her personal stories as that is not my main concern in this post. What has caught my attention was her actions after she changed her life.
And the most interesting part, the effort was all based on her willingness. She got her wake up calls, stumbling and struggling in between , and finally able to keep herself on track.
She is a stranger to me but I am so proud of her. If she can do that all by herself, why can't I.

So I jotted down some of the reminders from her. Hope this helps me as a constant reminder.

1. Jaga solat 5 waktu. Solat awal waktu. Kalau solat terjaga, insyaAllah, hati kita akan sentiasa ingat Allah. Bila dah mula istiqamah, tambah lagi amalan dengan solat sunat. Ringankan tubuh dalam mengerjakan ketaatan kepada Allah.

2. Cuba fahami maksud bacaan solat. Kalau faham , insyaAllah lebih mudah untuk peroleh khusyuk dalam solat. At least, fahami al-Fatihah.

3. Baca Quran dan terjemahan setiap hari. Kadangkala, mungkin kita tak faham maksud ayat-ayat tersebut walaupun dah diterjemahkan, sebab setiap ayat ada reason kenapa ia diturunkan.  So, cari kisah asbab turun ayat tersebut. Kalau ada masa, attend kelas tafsir al-Quran.

4. Muhasabah sebelum tidur. Taubat diatas dosa hari tu. Mana tahu bangun keesokan hari kita sudah berada di alam kubur. Kita tak tahu bila ajal menjemput. Minta ampun dengan Allah sebelum tidur.

5. Kawan. Orang selalu cakap, jauhi kawan yang jahat , cari yang baik. Tapi, takkan nak putuskan silaturrahim macam tu je. Diorang banyak bantu kita juga dulu. Tapi, bila niat nak cari pembimbing, insyaAllah Allah akan temukan dengan rakan-rakan baru.

6. Spend masa berdoa lepas solat. Cuba untuk duduk, minta keampunan Allah, rahmat Allah, redha Allah. Cuba duduk bedoa.

7. Dekatkan diri dengan agama. Dengar lagu islamik. Tengok video ceramah agama. Tolong diri sendiri dekat dengan agama. Kalau bukan diri kita sendiri, siapa lagi ?

8. Percaya. Percaya dengan rahmat Allah. Percaya Allah akan tolong kita. Percaya setiap tindakan kita didunia ada balasannya. Percayalah.

9. Kalau rasa nak buat jahat, ingatlah neraka Allah macam mana. Allah dah janjikan dalam alQuran balasan syurga dan neraka. Konsep dia senang. Amar ma'aruf , nahi mungkar. Tinggal kita je nak buat ke tak.

10. Jangan terlalu sayangkan dunia. Fikirkan alam kubur, alam akhirat, pengakhiran kita. Kita hidup didunia ni macam exam jugak. Allah bagi ujian, untuk kita race ke syurga. Entertainment dan sebagainya tu akan berakhir. Bila dah mati, tinggal kita dengan amalan kita je.


Allah berfirman,
فَاذْكُرُونِي أَذْكُرْكُمْ وَاشْكُرُوا لِي وَلا تَكْفُرُونِ
Ingatlah kamu kepada-Ku niscaya Aku ingat (pula) kepadamu. (QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 152)


Kunci paling utama , ISTIQAMAH , insyaAllah . You can do it !

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Thursday, 28 April 2016

yaumul kiamah

I took this from a Facebook status, so this is not my writing. But I just have to share it because it is simply beautiful. 

5:00 am kita bangun solat subuh, kemudian kita bersiap2 utk ke sekolah, sampai sekolah jam 7:30 am, hari masih gelap.
Maybe kita anggap hari nak hujan, so abaikan. Masuk kelas buat kerja apa yang patut, dan kita tgk jam 10:00am, sudah time nak pergi rehat
Keluar pintu kelas suasana masih gelap, hitam pekat macam malam..mungkin masih boleh dianggap hari nak hujan lagi. So abaikan.
Tapi kalo jam 12:00pm pun hari masih gelap..apakah petanda itu?..keesokkan pun sama, buka tv semua orang kelam kabut menceritakan bahawa dunia ini sudah tiada lagi siangnya..dan begitu juga dengan lusa..masih tiada lagi matahari..
Tetapi pada hari keempat kita bangun pagi, kita dapat melihat matahari, tetapi jangan terkejut kerana matahari telah terbit dari sebelah barat..
Kehebatan ahli dunia akan mengatakan itu fenomena alam, tapi sedarkah kita itulah petanda besar yang paling awal sebelum tibanya hari kiamat!!
Maka telah tertutuplah pintu taubat..yang bertaubat tapi Allah masih belum terima taubatnya juga akan ditutup pintu taubat..
Saat itu, kita akan lihat satu fenomena luar biasa di mana golongan kaya akan keluarkan semua harta utk diinfakkan, golongan yang tidak pernah baca quran, 24 jam baca quran, golongan yang tak pernah solat jemaah akan berlari2 menunaikan solat secara berjemaah..tapi sayangnya segalanya sudah tidak berguna lagi..

Bukankah Allah berfirman : "jika engkau lebih mengejar duniawi daripada mengejar dekat denganKu maka Aku berikan, tapi Aku akan menjauhkan kalian dari syurgaKu"


😒 Kenapa kita tidur time Allah memanggil? Tapi kita sanggup tahan mengantuk saat menonton filem selama 3 jam?
😣 Kenapa kita bosan saat baca al-qur'an? Melainkan kita lebih rela membaca timeline twitter, wall facebook, novel atau buku lain?
😔 Kenapa kita senang sekali mengabaikan pesanan dari Allah? Tpi kita sanggup memforward pesan yang aneh-aneh?
😢 Kenapa masjid semakin kecil? Tapi bar dan club? semakin besar?
😖 Kenapa kita lebih sangat senang memuji ARTIS? Tapi sangat susah untuk memuji ALLAH? 
😞 Apakah anda akan mengabaikan pesanan ini kerana takut ditertawakan dengan rakan yang lain? Allah Berkata: "Jika kamu menyangkal Aku di depan teman-temanmu, Aku akan menyangkal kamu pada saat hari penghakiman..."

KIAMAT menurut Agama Islam di tandai dgn:
- Kemunculan Imam Mahdi
- Kemunculan Dajjal
- Turunnya Nabi Isa (AS)
- Kemunculan Yakjuj dan Makjuj
- Terbitnya matahari dari Barat ke Timur
- Pintu pengampunan akan ditutup
- Dab'bat al-Ard akan keluar dari tanah & akan menandai muslim yang sebenar2nya
- Kabut selama 40 Hari akan mematikan semua orang beriman sejati shg mereka tidak perlu mengalami tanda2 kiamat lainnya
- Sebuah kebakaran besar akan menyebabkan kerosakan
- Pemusnahan/runtuhnya Kabah
- Tulisan dalam Al-Quran akan lenyap
- Sangkakala akan ditiup pertama kalinya membuat semua makhluk hidup merasa bimbang dan ketakutan
- Tiupan sangkakala yang kedua kalinya akan membuat semua makhluk hidup mati dan yg ketiga yang membuat setiap makhluk hidup bangkit kembali

Kerugian meninggalkn solat:
Subuh: Cahaya wajah akan pudar.
Zuhur: Berkat pendapatan akan hilang.
Asar: Kesihatan mulai terganggu.
Maghrib: Pertolongan anak akan jauh di akhirat nanti.
Isya':  Kedamaian dlm tidur sukar didapatkan.

Nasihat Kubur: 🔊

1). Aku adalah tempat yg paling gelap di antara yg gelap, maka terangilah .. aku dengan TAHAJUD
2). Aku adalah tempat yang paling sempit, maka luaskanlah aku dengan ber SILATURAHIM..
3). Aku adalah tempat yang paling sepi maka ramaikanlah aku dengan perbanyak baca 📖 AL-QUR'AN.
4). Aku adalah tempatnya binatang2 🐍 yang menjijikan maka racunilah ia dengan Amal SEDEKAH,
5). Aku yg menyepitmu hingga hancur bilamana tidak Solat, bebaskan sempitan itu dengan SOLAT
6). Aku adalah tempat utk merendammu dg cairan yg sangat amat sakit, 😲bebaskan rendaman itu dgn PUASA..
7). Aku adalah tempat Munkar & Nakir bertanya, maka Persiapkanlah jawapanmu dengan Perbanyak mengucapkan Kalimah "LAILAHAILALLAH"

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016



Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

So yesterday, our scouts meeting was canceled and I quickly made an appointment with a dentist. Pusat Sejatera USM (clinic in the uni) had an event so I found another one around Gelugor. 
I've been having toothache for almost a week now but we were quite packed last week and I finally got the chance to visit the dentist yesterday (right after the pain had slowly went away -_- ). So basically I went there with no toothache but just to simply check if there's something wrong with my gum. 

"Oh. Your gum is covering your wisdom tooth so we have to pull the tooth out."

"Do I have to ?" and the Dr nodded. "Is there any other choice ?" and she shook her head. I sat on the chair for a few minutes, contemplating the idea of pulling my tooth out.

"O...kay I guess."

The Dr smiled and told her nurse to get everything ready,  "I will start when everything is here." and she turned her face to the computer, browsing the net. As she played the song 'Chammak Challo' behind me, I soaked in the view of her room. There were two aquariums for her turtles right beside me (I bet they have witnessed a lot of tears and cries from inside the glasses) and in front of my chair, I can see pots of ferns decorating the panelled glass, have been dated row by row probably for years, seeing the way the ferns have grown. What a nice dentist office. Very soothing. 

So the process went by for almost half an hour. Her injecting my gum (TWICE ! God bless me), pulling out the tooth and finally SEWING my gum to the area.

Because of the drug (bius) I was okay during the whole process, happily thanking the Dr afterwards, strolling out of the room. I was even surprised when the assistant offered me an MC. Silly me, asking will I be needing it. Now that I recalled it, no wonder the assistant replied with a smirk. She must have thought that this kid is soooo gonna come again, begging for another MC.


She handed a few medicines and asked me to come back in 10 days to open the stitches. I said okay and drove home. 

Right after the drugs started to lose the effects , ya Allah I swear only Allah knows the pain ! It felt like your gum was CONSTANTLY being injected with a big needle ; I wished there's a button to pause the pain. And it couldnt stop bleeding too (and it still bleed today even after 12 hours). 

I tried not to focus on the pain but my tears seemed to disagree with my brain. It kept coming out and I could only moan in frustration. 
I quickly took my shower (while moaning and wailing in pain) , ate the bread dipped in water (groaning, as I tried to swallow each small bite), took my medicine and finally performed my prayer (as expected, while crying) . I felt like I was about to get a fever. It was very unbearable. I tried not to focus on the pain but I just coudn't !

That Ponstan (whoever invented this pain killer, a very BIG thank you from me) eventually kicked in after a few minutes and I tried to finish my assignments while the pain was still bearable. I didn't know the period of the effectiveness of the pain killer but I couldnt sleep well last night for sure. 

And this morning , after my prayer , I sat on the mat, thinking about the ibrah of my pain. 

True. And Allah has said that, sickness is one of the ways of Him removing our sins. I was diagnosed with an intestine problem last week and this week, he gave me another test. Ya Allah. I must be very sinful   T_T   that You have to cleanse them away like this. 

If this pain was merely a burden which I can still bear , how does giving birth feel like ? And more importantly , 


I still remember a story being told by an Ustaz when I was back in Kelantan last week. Of how painful death is. 

One of the special gift that Allah has given to Prophet Isa A.S is the ability to reborn the death, or awake them from death. While he was walking from one place to another , he came across an old  woman who was crying at a grave. So he approached the woman , asking "Has something happened to you, Mother ?" and she said that her one and only daughter has gone forever. She promised Allah she won't leave the place. Not until her own death or Allah let her see her daughter. 

"Will you return to your home if you can see her for one last time ?" Prophet Isa asked her and she said yes. 

Prophet Isa A.S performed a 2 rakaah prayer and prayed to Allah, " Ya fulanah(whoever), awake with the blessings of AllahuRohim. Awake from the grave."  and some said weird and loud sounds came out from the grave as if there's an earthquake. But the girl was still not out. 

Prophet Isa A.S prayed for the second time, and biiznillah, the grave cracked apart. But the girl was still not out.  He called out for the third time and after quite a long time , the dead girl came out, wiping the dust from her hair. 

"What took you three calls to come out ?" Prophet Isa asked. 

"When the first call came , Allah sent the Angel to rearrange my bones, hairs and pieces." and that explains the sounds and the small earthquake.
"When I heard the second call, Allah gave me back my ruh (life)."
"As for the third call, I was too afraid to come out because I thought it is the Judgement Day already." 

Seeing the mother, the girl approached her and asked, "Mother, what makes you do this , till I have to experience the extreme agony of death twice ?" and she continued, "Mother, it's okay. I am done with this world and I have no resentment."
The girl then told Prophet Isa A.S to pray to Allah to ease her pain of death and return her to Akhiraat and he did as told.

This news finally came to the ears of Bani Israel. So they asked him to awake Sam@Ham bin Nuh (the son of Prophet Nuh A.S) as a proof of his special gift. That he is able to awake someone who has long died, and to ask about Noah's Ark.

Prophet Isa A.S went to his grave performed a 2 rakaat prayer and again biiznillah, Sam bin Nuh was awake. However all of his long hair and beard has turned white and Prophet Isa asked for the reason as he knew that Sam died at a the age where his hair was still dark.

"When I heard your call from down there, I thought it was already the Judgement Day and I was so scared that all of my hair turned white."

"How long have you been dead, Ibnu Nuh ?"

"I died 4000 years ago but up until now, I can still feel the agony of death. It was very unbearable."

MasyaAllah. It is clear that death is the most painful agony of all. And, that's only the end of our second phase. Are we strong enough to continue our journey to the third and fourth phase ? Astaghfirullahalazim...

May all of us are ready for the day. May you blessed us and You ease our death with your bountiful blessings. 

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Of Aurat and Istiqamah

Hi guys :)

So I watched this show called "Your Style In His Hands" (if I recalled the name correctly :p ) this morning. The boyfriend/husband will have the power to throw away their partner's clothes into the shredder if they don't like them (the clothes I mean, not the partner okay haha) . And not only that , they're given 5K to restock the clothes with the husband's desired styles. It was just soooo cool.

It would be VERY great if I'm able to do that , to me . bahaha. With that 5 grand in my hands, phewwwh , grab the money and voom , skedaddle ! An hour later , voila ! Wardrobe filled with new garments. Ahhh. That would be every girls' dream .

Okay enough with that. Serious mode , on. The thing is , I've been thinking about so many things lately. One of them , is about my constancy in covering aurah.

It seems like I always have problems with my socks -.-' . 'On' and 'off' . In my defense , it's the surrounding but then again , why should I blame others when it's actually my iman that fails.


This moment , that word freaks me out the most. It scares the shit out of me !

I used to tell Dibah how I wish I have the courage like other people ; wearing loose shirt, tudung labuh and all. I seriously envy those super ladies . 

And Dibah said , "No Anis. Don't aim high. Just start with the socks first and let's see if you can istiqamah or not. Only then your guts will take you to the next level."

yeah I hate it when she's right. Even only with the socks , I failed after a few weeks whatnot with the rest of the 'next level' things. Can only istiqamah for less then a month . *sigh. Now I hate myself.

I can still remember vividly what Zahin, my classmate used to say .

We just finished our evening prep class and since I hadn't finish my homework , I decided to stay in the class. There were Bruno, Azad and me left in the class. They were doing their work and I was doing mine.

Well I cant remember clearly the reason , but after a few minutes , I put off my socks. I was wearing this pair of pink socks (God knows how much I love pink during my school years -_-) that day so the colour was vivid that if I had them off , people might notice. 

Minutes passed by and suddenly Zahin walked into the class. And I quickly hid my feet under the kurung skirt. Unfortunately, I was sitting at his spot and had to move away to give him the chances to take his books. And there you go , he saw my feet. Ahah ! I knew right away what's gonna happen next . 

" Anis , mana stokin ni ?"  Can only bit my lower lip . " Ni dah confirm sangat ke masuk syurga ni ? Aurat pun tak nak tutup." Ouch ! Burn !

Yeah . "Dah confirm sangat ke masuk syurga?" 

It was a dreadful reminder. I hope I'll istiqamah for the rest of my life. Amin.

# this post is like a reminder for my future self, in case i forgot why I start again ...Really hope you can pray for my consistency too :')
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Friday, 19 June 2015

Real friends take you to Jannah

I'm soooo blessed that I'm surrounded by caring people. Alhamdulillah sangat sangat sangat.
I am fully aware that I'm still in the learning phase (after all, every day is a learning phase for every Muslims, ait ? ), it is very encouraging to have abundant of help from every body. These kind of people give me this kind of strength and another kind of people give me another kind of support. Compliment every aspect of my life !
Everyone is just super loving, caring and supportive. Always trying to improve each other's weaknesses and keep on reminding what to do and what not to do. 

Only just now (second day of fasting already today), while I was whatsapping Aida like usual, updating about our lives , she asked me about our quran race (we have this khatam race every ramadhan). And my reply was, 

forgot our promise last month ._. sobs

Not sure if this is just me being PMS-ing but her reply seriously made me cry a bucket. Siapa tak terharu ada kawan yang selalu remind good things macam ni *take another bucket *cry some more. 

That is why I miss maktab and Aida so much. This people always grab me whenever they see me about to drown. Takutnya ya Allah kalau aku tak dianugerahkan orang macam ni . 

Alhamdulillah sangat2 for these bunch of people. 

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Keep keep praying

I'm actually worried sick about my result. My carry marks are low , very low in fact if I compare them with the foundation year and I'm not sure if my answers would give the 'wow' effect enough to the examiners. Some of them, I'm very sure that I've made a few mistakes, right after I was out of the exam hall. 
Then I remembered an advise from my senior , 

"If Allah wills , there will be a path for you. 
But if He does not bless the thing that you have longed for, so that's it. Because He knows the best. 
And that's why in our prayer , we have to always ask for His blessings instead of having our wish granted instantly. For example ; 

O Allah ya Rahman ya Rahim, I've tried my best in my exam. I've studied well, I've eaten well and I've sleep well. I really hope that my effort will be fruitful that I can make my parents happy and proud, that I can help people around me and that I can have your blessings for my jihad in studying.
But if Your blessings doesn't come along with my good result, than it's okay O Allah. I rather have your blessings than my wish granted (good result). 
You are The Mightiest,  You are the most perfect Planner and You know what's the best for me.

.... and hence , end your prayer with ikhlas and redha."

My senior, he was not the best student in our school but he got an offer to study abroad. When he shared about this, I didn't really put it in my brain but when I recalled it back, he was absolutely right.

 We can't always have our du'a granted instantly because Allah is the best Planner and He knows the best.
The only thing left for us, is to always husnuzon with His plan.

Now that I've poured out everything here, I'm feeling much better and less worried. It's not that I didn't study or tried. Indeed, I did my best. So all I can do now is to believe in Him :) 
If He does not bless it, who am I to rebel Him , right ?

I googled a few things about du'a and came across with these 

I like the way one of the writers explained about du'a in his blog . Kinda a great reminder for myself:

But I have been making some dua’a for ages and it is still on the waiting list of Allah :( 

If your dua’a hasn’t been granted yet then either you are doing some mistake and should really read the etiquettes of making dua’a (written ahead) or maybe it’s a test from Allah. 

It was said to Ibraaheem ibn Adham: Why is it that we supplicate and receive no response? 

“He said because you know Allah but you do not obey Him, and you know the Messenger but you do not follow his Sunnah, and you know the Qur’an but you do not act in accordance with it, and you eat from the blessings of Allah but you do not give thanks for them, and you know Paradise but you do not seek it, and you know Hell but you do not flee from it, and you know the shaytaan but you do not fight him rather you agree with him, and you know death but you do not prepare  for it, and you have buried the dead but you do not learn a lesson from that, and you ignore your own faults and are preoccupied with other people’s faults.” 

So do not expect a response when you have blocked the way with sins.

Whenever a Muslim raises his/her hands to ask Allah for something, 
He feels shy to return that believer empty handed. So rest assure, whenever you make a dua’a (in accordance with the proper etiquettes), you ALWAYS get something.

Salman (RAA) narrates from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), "Your Rab is modest and kind. A person raises his hands in HIS court and HE leave them empty, Allah shies from it." [Tirmizi & Abu Dawood]

It was narrated from Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (PBUH) said:  “There is no Muslim who calls upon Allah with words in which there is no sin or severing of family ties but Allah will give him one of three things: either He will answer his prayer soon, or He will store it up for him in the Hereafter, or He will remove something bad from him that is equivalent to what he is asking for.” They said, “Then we should make a great amount of dua’a’.” He said, “Allah is greater.” [Al-Tirmidhi, 3573; classed as saheeh by al-Tirmidhi and others]

Many think that the response can only be of one kind, which is getting what you asked for in dua’a’ such as wealth, children, a job and so on. 
This is wrong, because the response may take different forms:

1)      You are granted what you asked for. (do not forget to thank Allah afterwards)

2)      Allah delays it and grants your dua’a when you are ready for it. (Surely, the creator knows better than the creation)

3)      Instead of granting the dua’a, Allah removes an obstacle or misfortune from your life and grants that dua’a in the Hereafter.

So in any case you are not loosing anything. Its a win-win situation always :D. I’d say a good investment of time.

However, be sure not to do the following mistakes as they are the reasons why a person’s dua’as may not be accepted: 

1) Abu Hurairah (RAA) narrates from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), "Do dua’a to Allah with this confidence that HE will accept it and know this well that Allah doesn't accept the dua’a done with a negligent and careless heart. [Tirmizi]

And here's about blessings that my teacher used to share in FB , taken from Dr. MAZA's page :

Kita tidak wajar berbicara sesuatu tentang Allah apa yang dia tidak faham sehingga akhirnya menampakkan kedangkalan cara fikir.

Saya tidak suka terlalu berfalsafah dalam bicara. Tujuan ucapan dan ungkapan adalah untuk difahami oleh pendengar atau pembaca, bukan agar mereka bertambah pening. Pun begitu ada juga beberapa istilah yang perlu diperbetulkan, bukan kerana ingin berfalsafah tetapi kerana ia penting untuk difahami untuk mengelakkan salahfaham antara kaum muslimin.

Antara perkara yang penting untuk dibezakan ialah ungkapan ‘izin’ dan ‘redha’. Kedua-dua perkataan ini berasal dari bahasa Arab. 

Apa yang kita izinkan bukan semestinya kita redha. 
Juga apa yang kita redha bukan semestinya kita izinkan

Juga mungkin apa yang kita izinkan itu kita redha, atau sebaliknya juga mungkin apa yang kita redha maka kita izinkan. Mengizinkan bermaksud membolehkan sesuatu itu berlaku (lihat: al-Kafawi, al-Kulliyyat, 72, Beirut: Muassasah al-Risalah). Sementara redha bermaksud suka atau kasih kepada sesuatu. Disebut al-Mahabbah wa al-Ridha atau cinta dan redha (ibid 76).
Kita mungkin memberikan kebenaran atau memboleh sesuatu yang di bawah penguasaan kita berlaku dalam keadaan redha ataupun tidak redha. 

Apa yang kita izinkan bukanlah semestinya kita redha atau suka. 

 Saya misalkan, seorang anak yang mendesak ayahnya memberikannya kunci kereta kerana ingin keluar bersama dengan rakan-rakannya. Si ayah enggan memberi kerana bimbang anaknya tidak tahu mengawal diri apabila keluar bersama rakan. Namun si anak terus mendesak dan bertegang dengan ayahnya sehingga menyebabkan si ayah akhirnya memberikan kunci kepada si anak. Anak ini pun keluar berjumpa dengan rakan-rakannya sambil berkata: “ayahku izinkan aku pakai keretanya malam ini”. Sementara si ayah apabila ditanya berkata: “memang saya izinkan tapi saya tidak redha, sebab dia mendesak dan saya malas bising-bising”. Keadaan ini menggambarkan bagaimana kadang-kala keizinan diberikan tanpa keredhaan atau kerelaan. 

Betapa ramai wanita zaman tahu yang mengizinkan bapa mereka mengahwinkan mereka, sedangkan jantung hati mereka tidak redha.
Di samping ada keadaan di mana kita izinkan sesuatu dengan penuh redha. Juga ada keadaan di mana kita meredhai sesuatu tetapi tidak dapat mengizinkannya. Kita tidak izinkan mungkin disebabkan faktor-faktor tertentu.

Sebab itu dalam al-Quran Allah gunakan perkataan masyiah atau kehendak dan dalam masa yang sama ada perkataan redha. Manusia menjadi beriman dan kufur adalah dengan kehendak atau izin Allah. Jika Allah tidak izin atau kehendak, maka tiada satu perkara pun yang boleh berlaku di alam ini. Namun bukan semestinya apa yang Allah izinkan berlaku itu, Allah meredhainya. Firman Allah: (maksudnya) “Maka (fikirkanlah) adakah orang yang dihiaskan kepadanya amalan buruknya (oleh syaitan) lalu dia memandangnya baik, kerana sesungguhnya Allah menyesatkan sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya, dan dia juga memberi hidayah petunjuk kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya. Oleh itu, janganlah kamu membinasakan dirimu (Wahai Muhammad) kerana menanggung dukacita terhadap kesesatan mereka. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui akan apa yang mereka kerjakan” ( Surah al-Fatir, ayat 8).

Allah menyesat sesiapa yang Dia Kehendaki kerana mereka memilih kesesatan, demikian memberikan petunjukNya kepada sesiapa yang ingin memilih petunjuk. Itulah peraturan alam yang Dia Maha Pencipta lagi Maha Adil tetapkan. Dia tidak menzalimi hamba-hambaNya.

Apabila kekufuran atau kemaksiatan atau kesesatan itu berlaku bukanlah Dia redha atau sukakan kekufuran sekalipun berlaku dengan izin atau kehendakNya. FirmanNya: (maksudnya) “Kalaulah kamu kufur akan nikmat-nikmatNya itu, maka ketahuilah bahawa sesungguhnya Allah tidak memerlukan kamu; dan Dia tidak redha untuk hamba-hambaNya kekufuran; dan jika kamu bersyukur, Dia meredainya untuk kamu..(Surah al-Zumar, ayat 7).

Maha Suci Allah untuk dibandingkan dengan makhluk. Namun untuk mendekatkan faham, demikian insan dalam hidup ini mestilah dibezakan antara keizinan dan keredhaan.

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Don't let them end in vain

"How would you react if one day you find out that your judgement book is not ticked in the column solat ?"

A friend of mine once popped out this question after we finished performing our zuhr two years back. That kinda startled me and I was rendered speechless for a few seconds. 

"Your point is....?" I asked her back.

"You have prayed for ... let's say 60 years. Then you are judged. But your solat is not ticked.
You are VERY sure that you have performed your solat though. What would your reaction be?"

We sat there for a few seconds, wondering about the 'what if'. 
Well there could be a lot of explanation if your solat is not accepted. 
Could be from the wudhu' , could be from our attire (either it's clean from hadas or not) and it could be from the way you performing them too. 

There are too many possibilities. We can never know if we don't learn.

"If your wudhu' is not performed perfectly," she said, before I continued promptly,"Then your solat would be useless too !" 

"Exactly. I mean, what's the point of you performing it if it ends in vain ? So you better do it right.
Am I correct ?"

And I couldn't agree more with her. She was right. Solat is not something that you can play with and Allah is no one to fool with. Should always set in my brain to be careful next time. It's not only about the wudhu' but there are a lot more to learn. 
Because the question is ,

are we ready enough to be thrown into the hell ?

I've never roasted my hand but I'm sure enough it wouldn't be that lovely. And if one day I am to find out that my solat is not recorded in the judgement book , it will definitely scare the shit out of me.

I am not like those religious people who wake up every night for tahajud neither I'm good enough to always please people around me. But if my 'just' mandatory ibadah won't be accepted due to certain careless things, I am surely scared right now.

Dear Mira, thanks for popping out that question.
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Monday, 2 February 2015

are we thankful enough ?

While I was pondering about what to write , I came across SS's comment. She suggested that I write about people's view about life when they have different background; the lifestyle that some people from middle class and upper class cannot simply share. 
Somehow, that is not what has caught my attention but the way people think. 

July MUET 2012 question, people should aim to be a millionaire.
2014/15 LSP300 question, money power (really can't recall the exact question but overall, it's about it)
And during my aunty's interview, what can you conclude about the whole 2015 Budget and GST 

We really can't escape but to prepare ourselves to be occupied with this revolving question. Yes, the world has turned more and more covetous each day and just like how the human race has revolved, we too have to make a pragmatic and drastic changes in order to adapt with this doctrine. 

I cannot deny the fact that moolah is one important commodity but to be raised with these kind of question being asked, it's as if I'm treated like one but another heartless robot. The capitalist mentality is there, ready to be injected once you are born into this world. 
I wonder if the kids born five decades ago are fired with the money question because now, we are. In fact, the war itself is no more about spreading the politics but about ruling the innocents and taking over the power to control the economy. 

The drawbacks are obvious but people has been blinded by this becoming rich disease. And hence, there is no way of redemption but to first armed ourselves with the weapon 'syukur'. 
Which takes us back to SS's question. 
Only the way we say thanks to Allah will differ the view that people have. 
If the riches are never thankful, then they are just nothing less than the ungrateful bourgeoises. 
Because what Allah see is not the money. Unlike us, Allah judges our taqwa.

I used to question, how does it feel to be completely rich and have everything ? 
But another question came across my mind, what if I am rich but I forget to thank Allah. There are a lot of examples out there, in the movies even. Like Si Tanggang, Tha'alabah (but it's said that the story is not true. Well google it)  , and many more. 

We can never expect what will happen to us. If being a middle class can make me more appreciative, then alhamdulillah. Because Allah knows the best, we just have to pray that He shows us the right path.

For me, even to be able to breathe today is completely a favour that Allah has granted to His servants. Not all people on this earth can breath as calm as certain people. Some have to use the gas tank or mask and some are lying helplessly on the hospital bed, struggling to catch their breath. Just to ensure that they can live longer.
And that is only the air that we breathe whatnot the other favours ? THEY ARE COUNTLESS. MasyaAllah.

Ustaz Fathir , one of my lecturers during foundation year used to tell us stories and there was once about a religious man that cannot enter the jannah. Well, it's not really related to the definition of syukr but it's definitely related to favour (ni'mat) and Allah's blessings. 

This man has performed ibadah all his life and he was confident that he will be able to enter the jannah without problem. And while he was on his deathbed, 
"I have prepared myself with ibadah all my life as a passport to Your jannah. O Allah, let me enter Your jannah with all of my good deed."

But , 
did he manage to enter the jannah as he wished ?


Ustaz said ,  "Upon the judgement day, when Allah weigh his ibadah, comparing it (his so-said whole life ibadah) with Allah's favours of the eye ONLY , it is heavier on the favour." 

It is not because Allah is trying to deny his ibadah but because he said , "let me enter the jannah due to my good deed." Allah is trying to prove to us that you has to always fix your niat. 

"That's why. The reason we perform our ibadah is because we seek for Allah's blessings and love, not because we want to enter the jannah only."

I remember the story till this very day and really love the climax ; when Allah compares his ibadah with the favour of the eye.

If the religious man has performed ibadah for a very long time but yet never meet the range of the only favour, how about us ?
So thick-faced to ask for this and that when we ourselves are busy putting dunya first before ukhrawi. 
Not only that, we are too blinded by that kind of mentality that we would blurt out wishes like we are asking for wishes from the blue genie in the movie Aladdin. 
Sure Allah loves it when His servant come to him and make du'a but ... 
if it's one-time thing only, it is clearly a shameless act. 

Islam is one beautiful religion. It teaches us about how important to be thankful. Always remember what we have and what blessings has Allah provided us with. Or else, of course we would always feel not enough, always wanting more and more. Because it's a nature in human ; greed.

I have never been so thankful that I'm born as a Muslim. Well, I used to wish that what a great opportunity I would have if I'm born during Muhammad P.B.U.H time. I can meet him and learned a lot from the prophet himself. But what if, I'm born as a kafir and died as one too ?
And to make matter worst, if my name would be written in the sirah book as one of the Mecca people that reject Islam ?
Nauzubillahuminzalik . 

And hence, even though I'm born in this chaotic era, where people talk about money more than about humanity crisis, at least I'm born a Muslim. That is more important.


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Friday, 15 August 2014

The Du'a when Red Aunty pay you a visit

Assalamualaikum dear :)

Checked my "FAITH" label and figured out that I haven't post one under this label for almost five months ! Ya Allah , have I been wasting the whole year writing useless posts only ? Astaghfirullah . . . T_T

Anyway, enough with jibber jabber and my train of thoughts,  

Girls , have you ever heard of Du'a during Menses ?

Yeaaaaaappppp *with 'pop' sound please*, there's a specific du'a for you when you're on your menses/period/haid or whatever you call your Red Aunty as ... And in this post, I'm going to share one with you dear sisters :) 


*Please take note , I'm not on my menses , so this post has nothing related to my Red Aunty. Hehe . Talking about menses makes me wanna hide my face in the pocket , but lets face the fact , we're all grown up ehemmm *chin up in the air*. Besides , hello .... I'm sharing a du'a  here not something useless.

I learned this du'a a couple of years ago when performing umrah with the family. One of my Mom's friends that joined us taught me , and yes , I found it very useful once I acknowledged the value of this du'a. 
Please read it for more rewards *terms and conditions applied . e.g : if you rarely perform your obligations (prayer, fasting, etc) , then the rewards would be ,,, meh like your ibadah reward.

And treng teng teng !

Here's the du'a (recite it every time Red Aunty visits you on the first day ) , you might need a pen and a piece of paper ... or just download the image and make it as your desktop wallpaper , yeah I know my handwriting is prettaaay .

"Alhamdulillahi 'Alaa Kulli Haalin
Wa Astaghfirullaha Min Kulli Zanmbin"

Translation : Praise to Allah for every single thing & situation , and I seek for forgiveness from Allah for every single sin .

According to Saiyidina Aishah R.A.
(Copied from a book called Durratun Nasihin Wa Fil, zi Wal Jsrar authored by Osman Bin Hasan Ahmad Al Sakiril Khubuwi) ;

"For every women , the reason of menstrual periods is because it is their time to eliminate the sins of the past  and if they read the prayer (given up there) on the first day : Allah had promised the women
  • the ability to escape through the hell fire 
  • and, could cross Titian Siratulmustaqim safely and with ease
  • and, are secured from the punishment of Allah Ta'ala 
  • and, given for her the reward (in every single day and night) in which equal to forty martyrs/syahid.
  • and, the women are taken in remembrance of Allah Almighty for them.

:- in the time of their menstruation."

*This info is translated from the blog: Noramie79 (credits)

I mean , don't you want those ? Allah had promised us and inshaAllah , the rewards are there to be claimed on the Judgement Day . MashaAllah...

And by this, my dearest muslimat friends,
we should realize how fortunate we are . Even in the state of 'unannounced arrival of Red Aunty' , Allah still bestows us with the chances ; to make more rewards/merits/pahala .
Alhamdulillah .

This is the least I can share , may you find this du'a helpful :)

Keep on being fabulous and see you in the next post . With love , Anis . Muahhhh !

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Condolence to kubih


Takziah ke atas Ain Irdina & keluarga diatas kehilangan papanya.

Al-Fatihah .

Ain is one of my best friends, the person I trust the most , the person I always rely on and one of those person that understand me. Jatuh bangun, hilai tawa, jerih perih dan tangis , semua kami dah lalui bersama . She's always there , whenever I needed her.

And yesterday , Ain called me . Well , as always , I would "hoih" her for I knew that she would tease me with various kind of weird voices . Haha -_-

So , seeing her name on the screen, I smiled and quickly answered the phone and went , "Hoih."
But her replied was far beyond my expectation. She was crying for God sake ! and I was rendered speechless for a second before her sobbing voice muttered something that I would have never expected. "Kubih ... ayah saya dah tak de."

I didn't know how to handle this. I didn't know how to console her. She's the one whose stronger than me . She's the one who would say nice words when I cried . Not me. She always know what to do , waaaay better than me. And when these things happened to her, I , in return , did not know how to do this ! At that moment , the only thing that I thought was, ' God . What kind of friend am I . She doesn't deserve me.' But still , I tried my best , as I know she needed supports .

And so , I told her that I will visit her right after she's home from KL. I did not dare to ask more, for I know ; I would only remind her of her father more. Ain and her father, they're sooo close , only Allah knows how close they are.

I was pinned to my seat after our conversation ended. I was curious to know how and why , yet I did not ask. People must be calling her and the line would went crazy and all.

It's only after reciting the Yasin ( hours after I received the news) , I took the courage to call her.
Her family was on vacation in Cambodia without her and the eldest brother. Her little sisters were sent home right away after the death, leaving her mother there to settle a few crucial things (with the embassy and all ..that kind of thing) . Ain, being the eldest sister , has to sort everything out.

That was hard enough, even for me , to only hear her trembling voice. Seriously , I did not now how to help her when at those moment, she really needed the supports from people around her. We whatsapped and texted each other but I dont think that's enough. There's too many things for her to think and bear of.

Kubih , I really hope you're fine . Seriously . Even I dont exactly know what to do ,  I will try my best.

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Kisah ulat bulu yang hodoh - Just wanna share


"We do too little dakwah, too little tarbiyah , and too much jahiliyyah. Yet we expect to enter Jannah.. ?? Pffft" _ Inche Gabbana

Hehe . Been reading posts from Inche Gabana all day. Kagum dengan gaya dia berdakwah. Haish. Bila lah agaknya saya boleh jadi macam dia.
Join bulatan gembira riang ria, qiam semua bagai. In shaaAllah, biidznillah. Teringin jugak kalau Mak Cik Hidayah nak menjenguk diri ini. Haish. Diri sendir pun tak cari Mak Cik Hidayah , dok mengharap dia cari pula.
Kesat peluh.

Baca posts dia banyak gila hari ni, tapi Alhamdulillah , tak gila lagi. Waras sangat. He used to study in London yet he applies actual Islamic ways in his life and I am inspired. Sangat. Baca punya baca tadi, saya tertarik dengan satu cerita ni. Let me copy paste it for you guys.

So, here's the story

Ada dua ekor ulat bulu berkawan baik. Mereka telah bersahabat sejak kecil sehinggalah sekarang sudah matang, besar, pejal dan err, penuh bulu. Ulat bululah katakan. Seekor bernama Kasim dan seekor lagi bernama Suhaimi.

Suatu hari mereka telah berborak bantal di atas sehelai daun kering, di tepi tebing sebuah sungai.

"Eh Mi,aku sedihlah tengok nasib kita ni..," ujar Kasim.

"Aik kenapa pulak? Aku tengok kita bahagia je selama ni..? Makan cukup, pakaian pon cukup. Burung tak kacau. Apa masalahnya?" Suhaimi membetulkan posisinya kaki-kakinya yang beratus pasang itu, agar dia dapat fokus kepada Kasim. Muayasyah la katakan.

"Entahlah. Kau tengoklah kita ni. Hodoh. Banyak bulu. Kau tengok binatang-binatang lain. Chanteque chanteque je semua. Jeles tahu?!"

"Err.. Kau ni ok tak Sim..? Pehal tetiba emo semacam je ni..?"

"Ye la.. Aku rasa.. Tuhan tak adillah Mi. Ish aku pon tak faham kenapa Dia ciptakan makhluk sehodoh kita ni."

Suhaimi terdiam. Dia hanya mampu tersenyum. Kemudian dia bersuara,

"Sim, kau kenal kan Bedah si rama-rama Helikonius tu..?"

"Uish sapa yang tak kenal..?? Bedah si rama-rama lawa tu. Memang panaaasss! Awat?"

"Kau tahu tak, sebelum dia jadi rama-rama secanteque itu, dia tu apa dan siapa..?"

"Hah..? Bedah tu dulu benda lain ke..? Krisis identiti ni!" 

Suhaimi tersenyum lagi.

"Dia dulu pon ulat bulu macam kita jugak Sim. Malah lagi hodoh lagi. Tu yang dia dah delete semua gambar-gambar lama dia kat akaun MukaBulu dia tu! Pontianak tengok pon takut!"

Kasim terlopong tidak percaya.

"Kita pon macam tu jugak Sim, suatu hari nanti, in shaa Allah. Esok lusa, kita akan melalui suatu proses yang manusia panggil sebagai metamorfosis. Kita akan duduk dalam kepompong dan sepanjang tempoh tu, sedikit demi sedikit, kita akan bertukar menjadi rama-rama. Seperti Bedah, kita juga akan menjadi rama-rama yang kachak lagi bergaya. Kau akan jadi Siproeta epaphus dan aku pula Cethosia cyane. Biidznillah.

Kata kuncinya..? Sabar. Bukan kebetulan Allah jadikan kita macam ni Sim. Banyak hikmahnya. Dia nak tengok kita boleh bersabar atau tidak. Dia mahu lihat kita boleh redha dengan siapa diri kita atau tidak. Dan dia mahu uji, sama ada mujahadah kita cukup kuat atau tidak.

Biarlah kita hodoh dan jelik sekarang ni, dikeji dan dihina oleh makhluk-makhluk lain. Tapi suatu hari nanti, kita akan bertukar menjadi makhluk yang dicemburui dan mempesonakan sesiapa sahaja yang melihatnya. Tapi kena banyak-banyakkan bersabar ah."  

Kali ini Kasim tersenyum. Matanya berkaca-kaca.

"Ok Sim..?"


Mereka lantas berhigh-five dengan kesemua pasang tangan yang mereka ada.

Ok habis cerita. Amacam? Ceria kan..? Eheh.

"Wahai anak cucu Adam! Sesungguhnya Kami telah menyediakan pakaian untuk menutupi auratmu dan untuk perhiasan bagimu. Tetapi pakaianTAQWA, itulah yang lebih baik..."
[al-A'raf, 7:26]


Tamat. Well, that's it from him. Inche Gabbana.

Kalau boleh, semua posts dia pun nak share lah. Semua inspiring , tapi tak mampu. Hehehe.

I just copied this one cause it reminds me of my inner side. I mean, I really wish that my inner side can be as beautiful as butterfly. If Allah wills, anything can happen, right ? So I just have to pray harder and put  greater effort, so that I can be a better person. It may look uglier than others at this moment, not as beautiful as others who perform solah punctually, recite al-Quran every time they finish solat, puasa sunat Isnin and Khamis and so on.... but deep in my heart, I wish I can be one of those people. Jealous tengok orang yang boleh istiqamah.

Ya Allah,,, please guide me. Make my soul as beautiful as butterfly. Please...pretty please... I wanna fly to Jannah. Amin.

#This blog is just great. You should read it ! Its a MUST

#currently reading posts under keywords Merepek Kerepek and Arty Farty :)
tapi dah ngantuk . Nak sambung esok pulak . Haha.

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