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Saturday, 22 April 2017


This happened about a month ago but I've forgotten to blog bout it hehe

Since Penang is an island, when it's hot, it gets REAL hot, even my Veet wax strips melted. I started blathering on my Instastory about the weather , then about the veet, then came my frustration. Consequently, a friend had personally texted me and suggested
Norah Wax

Well, have you guys heard of it ? I hadn't and everyone else seemed to know about this local brand except for me, as if I had been living in a cave haha. My friend had been using this type of wax for a year or so, she said. She then suggested me an IG shop and I started browsing the hashtags.

Hmm... good reviews, cheap price, packaging looks nice.

But ...
I was torn in between two ;- putting the new unfamiliar wax onto my skin or continue using the old same Veet wax strips which had betrayed me. I mean, I'd been using the brand since forever. I didn't know if my skin would be okay with this new wax. What if it suddenly gets sensitive and itchy ?

I gave another brief glance at the poor looking melted pink wax spilling out of Veet's box, before reverting my eyes to the glimpse of Norah's jar in my phone.

Should I ? Should I not ? 

Okay. I should Google more about this thing. And that was all I did for almost an hour. 
All of the reviews were so good and I learned that it is completely organic . So... does it mean it's edible ? I guess so. Not that I wanted to eat them although the texture has been cunningly manipulative. Haha.

So after weighing enough thoughts and consideration, I decided to give it a go. Why not. If I don't like it, Nana and Mayra can have it. 

Ordered it, purchased it, received the goods in good condition. 

Since I was quite busy with my classes that week, I impatiently waited for the weekends. 
I have specifically bought the Hot wax and boy, am I free from bulu now! Haha. 

The best part was when you have to pull the strips only once and it leaves your skin bulu-free and not only that, smooth. I got hyped and wax everything haha. Nana joined in and had bought one jar for herself afterwards. 

In case you haven't tried this brand, JUST DO IT !  *in Shia Labeouf's voice.

I will leave the link to the Instagram pages here and trust me, it's good. I wouldn't recommend it here if it's not haha. 

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Friday, 15 August 2014

The Du'a when Red Aunty pay you a visit

Assalamualaikum dear :)

Checked my "FAITH" label and figured out that I haven't post one under this label for almost five months ! Ya Allah , have I been wasting the whole year writing useless posts only ? Astaghfirullah . . . T_T

Anyway, enough with jibber jabber and my train of thoughts,  

Girls , have you ever heard of Du'a during Menses ?

Yeaaaaaappppp *with 'pop' sound please*, there's a specific du'a for you when you're on your menses/period/haid or whatever you call your Red Aunty as ... And in this post, I'm going to share one with you dear sisters :) 


*Please take note , I'm not on my menses , so this post has nothing related to my Red Aunty. Hehe . Talking about menses makes me wanna hide my face in the pocket , but lets face the fact , we're all grown up ehemmm *chin up in the air*. Besides , hello .... I'm sharing a du'a  here not something useless.

I learned this du'a a couple of years ago when performing umrah with the family. One of my Mom's friends that joined us taught me , and yes , I found it very useful once I acknowledged the value of this du'a. 
Please read it for more rewards *terms and conditions applied . e.g : if you rarely perform your obligations (prayer, fasting, etc) , then the rewards would be ,,, meh like your ibadah reward.

And treng teng teng !

Here's the du'a (recite it every time Red Aunty visits you on the first day ) , you might need a pen and a piece of paper ... or just download the image and make it as your desktop wallpaper , yeah I know my handwriting is prettaaay .

"Alhamdulillahi 'Alaa Kulli Haalin
Wa Astaghfirullaha Min Kulli Zanmbin"

Translation : Praise to Allah for every single thing & situation , and I seek for forgiveness from Allah for every single sin .

According to Saiyidina Aishah R.A.
(Copied from a book called Durratun Nasihin Wa Fil, zi Wal Jsrar authored by Osman Bin Hasan Ahmad Al Sakiril Khubuwi) ;

"For every women , the reason of menstrual periods is because it is their time to eliminate the sins of the past  and if they read the prayer (given up there) on the first day : Allah had promised the women
  • the ability to escape through the hell fire 
  • and, could cross Titian Siratulmustaqim safely and with ease
  • and, are secured from the punishment of Allah Ta'ala 
  • and, given for her the reward (in every single day and night) in which equal to forty martyrs/syahid.
  • and, the women are taken in remembrance of Allah Almighty for them.

:- in the time of their menstruation."

*This info is translated from the blog: Noramie79 (credits)

I mean , don't you want those ? Allah had promised us and inshaAllah , the rewards are there to be claimed on the Judgement Day . MashaAllah...

And by this, my dearest muslimat friends,
we should realize how fortunate we are . Even in the state of 'unannounced arrival of Red Aunty' , Allah still bestows us with the chances ; to make more rewards/merits/pahala .
Alhamdulillah .

This is the least I can share , may you find this du'a helpful :)

Keep on being fabulous and see you in the next post . With love , Anis . Muahhhh !

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

UPSI Tesl interview

The night before UPSI entrance exam :

Right after the disaster I made to my kurung for the interview , I can only cried and squealed and screamed and hiccuped and a few let's-not-mention-them kind of things. Almost angrily , I hung the kurung and stomped to the bed to switch on my laptop , trying to forget about the ruined kurung (I  blamed the iron ; my skills in ironing is unquestionable okay).
Jaw on one of the knees , eyes transfixed to the screen and hands busy Google-ing for "UPSI Tesl interview"
Lists of searched results appeared on the screen but none of them were the exact thing that I was looking for.

"UPSI interview" . I clicked on the title. Hemph . For Biology -_____- .


There were hundreds of tips for UiTM Tesl iv , how come there's none for UPSI ?

Another sigh. 'Let's just hope for the best tomorrow.'  Redha . Keep calm , and carry on .

The Day of the Entrance Exam :

We arrived early. Rushed to the toilet and fifteen minutes later ran like crazy to the Writing hall because it's almost 8 o'clock.
But the invigilator has not yet arrived.








an hour later . . .





We entered the exam hall and took our seat. And I flipped the pages curiously . The questions comprise of grammar , reading and writing.
Grammar (30 q's) Reading (20 q's) and for Writing , you’ll have to write a report. Exactly the same as MUET’s Section A question.

I was sleep deprived , I was hungry , I was angry and I was tired . So people , dont even  ask me how I answered each of the questions.

Since we started late , so we finished late. In my P.O.V , the purposes of interview is to see how do we control our nervousness and if we can speak fluently or not. (I believed that my interviewers are History lecturers because they asked some candidates about History . Thank God I'm all safe and sound, if not , I would only laugh nervously and start acting like a fool -_-)

Yet , I was asked to sing !
For God sake .

As if singing was not embarrassing enough , the interviewer even requested for Let It Go -_- and I was frozen to my spot. I can speak with high pitch but singing (?) haha . Meh of course I'm pro at it too . It's just I dont want you to beg me to sing it again and again. Haha

So I told them "Ah. I'm sorry but I forget the lyrics." (I’ve watched Frozen for more than 5 times , to forget the song was just absurd , yeah I know) . And I chose to to sing All of Me by John Legend. Thank God they liked it … though I was not quite sure if they really liked it but ,,, at least they plastered smiles on their face. Hikhok.

Hemm ,,, Nothing particular about the rest of the interview. They just wanted to see our confidence and bravery.

Oral (Speaking test)
Just because interview was not "oral-ish" enough, we had an individual oral test. Yeah T_T.
However, for oral , the interviewer is an English lecturer , so please people ... mind your language and grammar.

Mine was very sporting , just like the other two during interview session.  He even teased me , asking me a few non-relevant questions but still , quite related to English (meh just a tiny winy bit related to).

“So Anis , introduce yourself , tell me about your hobby or favourite activities and your plans for your future,” with a stern facial expression , he said .
Hemph , such a formal intro that I began to feel nervous. Later on , after I began speaking and telling him bout myself enthusiastically, with a few not so funny jokes , he seemed to be relaxed a bit.
A couple of minutes later , the atmosphere became less tense that we even conversed like a normal lecturer and student with , “Oh God , really ? Are you serious ?!” , “Meh , I don’t know” and “Haha , I was just teasing you , why are you so serious? Haha.” Kind of thing .

Before I realized it , the nervousness and the nauseas just went away and the swooping bats in my knotted stomach had already gone. I asked him questions , and he asked me few more. Well , you could say it went well and smoothly. Just , relax a bit , okay . If you are so nervous-you-can-just-die-on-the-spot , ask for a few seconds for you to breathe or even sing . As for me , I recited Surah Al-Inshirah (Peace of Heart).

 Thirah used to explain to me,

"Whenever you endure hardship, recite Alamnasyrah while understanding the meaning. As you recite , recall the meaning of each of them . Especially at the part where Allah said 'So truly where there is hardship there's also ease , truly where there is hardship, there's also ease.' He even repeated it two times , so have faith in Him."

So sweet of Thirah . I really miss her lecture ;)

So that's it. Hope this post is helping you guys. Well , I went for a few interviews and currently waiting for the results . Let's just keep our fingers crossed and leave the matters to Him because I've tried my best.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

MUET speaking guidelines and tips

Assalamualaikum :)

I know that many of you will need this. Especially candidates from universities; mainly due to the fact that the lecturers tend to forget to give us the guidelines and tips for speaking test. Some students dont even study MUET in class.
But still they have to take the test, same goes to me. Don't cry. I know how it feels.

So this is the guidelines.
Thanks to my Mom's friend for handing this to me. Credits : Teacher Aznita. (SMKSIS)

What happens during a MUET speaking test

  • Enter the exam hall. *For Muslims, recite some prayers :)
  • Check your IC with the examiner by presenting your IC and your examination slip
  • Sit down as instructed y the examiner. (Accordingly. Candidate A,B,C and D)
  • Read the question ONLY when you are allowed to do so. DO NOT write anything on the question paper.
  • You can ask the examiner if you do not understand your task, after the one minute reading time. PLEASE ASK, even you understand because you can get some tips and vocabulary to use for your presentation when the examiner trying to explain to you.
  • You are given 2 minutes to prepare for your individual presentation (Task A). DO NOT discuss with other candidates.
  • Individual presentation (Task A) starts (2 minutes each) with Cand A, folowed by Cand B, C then D.
  • After Cand D done, you are given 2 minutes to prepare for your group discussion (Task B). DO NOT discuss with other candidates.
  • Group discussion (Task B) starts. Anyone can start the discussion. You are given 10 minutes to discuss
  • Leave the examination room quietly. DO NOT take anything out of the room except your IC and examination slip.


1st minute - just read the question and make a mental note of the words you would like to ask. DO NOT SCRIBBLE ON THE QUESTION PAPER ! (you should ask even if you understand the terms to get the right pronunciation and borrow ideas from the examiners, most examiners are very helpful and will give you some ideas if you ask nicely) (Excuse me but what is the meaning of... DO NOT SAY: what means of...*which is a very horrendous grammar)

2nd minute - examiner ask all candidates one by one if they understand the question or not. (make sure you ask, okay)

2 minutes to write your note on the blank A4 paper given (tip : divide the paper into 4 sections. Label with A, B, C, D , then write only on your section.*If you are Cand A, write on A section. Think of three points and for every point, give reasons and examples, make sure it's in note form only to avoid reading)

2 minutes for each candidate to present Task A - MUST AGREE WITH POINT GIVEN. Make sure you speak for the full 2 minute, and it is ok to just elaborate 1 or 2 points well, instead of 3 points but not well explained)
Speak according to this format :

  1. Greetings (Good morning to the examinerS and fellow candidateS, etc.)
  2. Repeat situation (Today we are talking about..)
  3. Main point (The point I would like to discuss is...etc.)
  4. 1st point (Firstly, ...This is because... Moreover...For example...Therefore..)
  5. 2nd point (Secondly...This means taht...furthermore...for instance...Thus...)
  6. 3rd point (Finally...This is due to the fact that...,In addition, Take for example...Hence..)
  7. Conclusion (In a nut shell...)

2 minutes to prepare for Task B (now you can add or write notes for all candidates' points. have a ranking system 1,2,3 and 4. 1 is the best choice and 4 for the least favourite, this will help you with your discussion )

10 minutes to discuss. While in the quarantine room , before you enter the exam room, pre-decide who will do the introduction, and someone to do the conclusion (this person MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE GIVEN TIME, do not conclude before the time or lets the discussion goes exceeded the time)


Well, for the useful language during speaking test, you can Google it. Don't be lazy people. Open a new tab and Google for it.

Here's an example for the answer

Situation : Your brother has been given the opportunity to study in England on a government scholarship. You and your family are very proud of him. Decide on a special gift for him to prepare for his trip abroad.
Cand A : Suggest that they give him cash. Say why.

Good morning to the examiner and my fellow candidates. I'm very happy that my brother has just received a scholarship to study in England. My relatives and I would like to give him a special gift. We all think that the best gift is money because it will be very useful for him.

     The first reason is with cash he can buy things that he needs when he gets there. There will be a lot of things that he will need like new books, stationary, clothes and food. He will also need to pay for transportation like taking the bus or train to go to the university campus. As we know, it is very expensive in England so any money we give him will be very useful.

      Secondly, my brother can use the money to buy a mobile phone when he gets to England. I think this is very important in case of emergencies so we can contact him easily. Furthermore, he can sms us and keep us updated with his progress in his studies there. Hence, if we really miss him, we can just give him a call.

      Last but not least, I think giving him money is the best choice because it is light and doesn't take up a lot of space. If we were to give him a computer, books or winter clothes it will be very heavy and bulky for him to bring to England. Therefore, I think that it is much easier to bring money and buy those things when he gets there.

     In conclusion, there are some of the reasons why I think giving him some cash is the best choice. To me, it is the most useful gift we can give him. Thank you.


Here's some videos of a MUET test. The whole session was then divided into 7 parts of videos.








Good luck guys :)

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Soalan MUET pagi tadi

Assalamualaikum :)

#Paramore : Still into you

Okay. Dah trauma nak speaking lepas speaking test MUET pagi tadi. Haha.

Awal2 start tu okay lagi. Kinda fluent. Tak sampai sepuluh saat, terpandang pulak muka examiner, dia angguk (agree with my point ke hapa entah) dan saya terus kehilangan kata-kata ! ataupun bak kata omputis, lost for words. Blank, stammer 3 saat, tibai je cakap lepas tu. Elok2 tak nervous terus jadi nervous. Grammar terabur entah ke mana. Points tak elaborate. Oh my. Menyesal pandang muka dia tadi.
Saya tak sepatutnya memakai kaca mata ketika menjawab soalan speaking saya tadi. Alangkah menyesalnya... tapi nasi sudah menjadi bubur, tiada guna diratapi atau diraungi sehingga terkeluar anak tekak pun. Sudah terlambat.

Sekarang dah rasa cuak nak speaking. Buahaha. *bajet hari2 speaking kat rumah -..-

Hmmm..setelah dibaca dan difikir balik, saya masih belum memberikan ekspelanasi (explanation) berkenaan tajuk di atas.

Soalan MUET pagi tadi was "A country's economic success depends on a few factors" lebih kurang macam tu and the factors are
a) Mann-power
b) Education 'something2' I'm afraid I had forgotten
c) Health care
d) Natural resources
*Tajuk di atas memang x sure tapi lebih kurang la bunyi dia macam tu

so yang manpower ni , budak tu explain pasal work force. Kena kerja leklok la untuk sumbang kat ekonomi negara. Kerja kena ada integriti semua. Apa entah lagi. Tak dengar sangat. Tengah bizi cari point untuk diri sendiri. Hanya mampu pura-pura fokus dan angguk2 macam paham.

Yang education ni adalah my topic. Haha. Topic sendiri pun dah lupa. Memang banyak kelentong tadi. Cakap kena start bagi kesedaran sejak zaman sekolah la pasal economic issues ni. Contoh yang tengah berlaku sekarang, the shut down of Pentagon. So kalau kanak-kanak ni sedar about what's going on around the world and that somehow our country is at stake jugak, they will start taking action since they were little. Belajar pandai-pandai dan bagi sumbanagn ekonomi untuk negara. Then saya mengarut lagi. Okay. Dah lupa points sendiri yang lain lagi -..- .

Third candidate. Health care. Kalau care pasal health, ramai sihat & cergas. Boleh kerja. Boleh fikir. Senang nak communicate dengan negara luar. Okay. Bunyi macam point yang saya tulis ni biasa je tapi best la jugak dia explain tadi.

Last, natural resources. Dia tak elaborate sangat. Just cakap yang kita pakai natural resources dalam daily life. And explain point tu je. So masa group discussion, I said that kita boleh export natural resources ni kat negara lain. For example, Japan, they have limited mineral resources, so as a country that have plenty of resources like ... bla bla bla, we should take advantage by exporting our resources. They get what they dont have and we get money. And bla-bla-bla.

Okay. Dah malas cakap pasal MUET ni. Nak muntah.

Yang saya tau, saya rasa macam nak oppose dengan tajuk sendiri, yang pasal education sysytem tu. I mean , kalau since daripada budak2 ni sekolah rendah, kita dah tanam dengan mentaliti 'kapitalis' dalam otak mereka, susah Malaysia nanti. Haish. Susah nak explain.

We should not agitate the innocence of children towards the importance of materialistic world. Of course, we can say that money is the most important commodity in order to drive the nation towards a modern civilization but we tend to forget to imply the importance of humanitarian acts in the children's brains. They are supposed to learn about moral values at school and not about the doctrine of materialistic harsh world. It is this kind of mentality that would ruin their mindsets and thus segregating personal importance of material world with humanitarian effort to save the world. They should be taught that we first need stabilization in social then economy. "Long have we taught our children to be rich but we are not well aware of the side effects of this capitalist mentality."

*If only I can oppose my own opinion about 'children should be exposed towards the importance of their country's economy since diorang masih kecil.' Haish. Why like this. Masa tengah tulis idea tadi, hanya boleh fikir tentang 'the contrast of my own idea' ! I was like,,, please...I'm not that rebellious.
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Monday, 7 October 2013

Kisah ulat bulu yang hodoh - Just wanna share


"We do too little dakwah, too little tarbiyah , and too much jahiliyyah. Yet we expect to enter Jannah.. ?? Pffft" _ Inche Gabbana

Hehe . Been reading posts from Inche Gabana all day. Kagum dengan gaya dia berdakwah. Haish. Bila lah agaknya saya boleh jadi macam dia.
Join bulatan gembira riang ria, qiam semua bagai. In shaaAllah, biidznillah. Teringin jugak kalau Mak Cik Hidayah nak menjenguk diri ini. Haish. Diri sendir pun tak cari Mak Cik Hidayah , dok mengharap dia cari pula.
Kesat peluh.

Baca posts dia banyak gila hari ni, tapi Alhamdulillah , tak gila lagi. Waras sangat. He used to study in London yet he applies actual Islamic ways in his life and I am inspired. Sangat. Baca punya baca tadi, saya tertarik dengan satu cerita ni. Let me copy paste it for you guys.

So, here's the story

Ada dua ekor ulat bulu berkawan baik. Mereka telah bersahabat sejak kecil sehinggalah sekarang sudah matang, besar, pejal dan err, penuh bulu. Ulat bululah katakan. Seekor bernama Kasim dan seekor lagi bernama Suhaimi.

Suatu hari mereka telah berborak bantal di atas sehelai daun kering, di tepi tebing sebuah sungai.

"Eh Mi,aku sedihlah tengok nasib kita ni..," ujar Kasim.

"Aik kenapa pulak? Aku tengok kita bahagia je selama ni..? Makan cukup, pakaian pon cukup. Burung tak kacau. Apa masalahnya?" Suhaimi membetulkan posisinya kaki-kakinya yang beratus pasang itu, agar dia dapat fokus kepada Kasim. Muayasyah la katakan.

"Entahlah. Kau tengoklah kita ni. Hodoh. Banyak bulu. Kau tengok binatang-binatang lain. Chanteque chanteque je semua. Jeles tahu?!"

"Err.. Kau ni ok tak Sim..? Pehal tetiba emo semacam je ni..?"

"Ye la.. Aku rasa.. Tuhan tak adillah Mi. Ish aku pon tak faham kenapa Dia ciptakan makhluk sehodoh kita ni."

Suhaimi terdiam. Dia hanya mampu tersenyum. Kemudian dia bersuara,

"Sim, kau kenal kan Bedah si rama-rama Helikonius tu..?"

"Uish sapa yang tak kenal..?? Bedah si rama-rama lawa tu. Memang panaaasss! Awat?"

"Kau tahu tak, sebelum dia jadi rama-rama secanteque itu, dia tu apa dan siapa..?"

"Hah..? Bedah tu dulu benda lain ke..? Krisis identiti ni!" 

Suhaimi tersenyum lagi.

"Dia dulu pon ulat bulu macam kita jugak Sim. Malah lagi hodoh lagi. Tu yang dia dah delete semua gambar-gambar lama dia kat akaun MukaBulu dia tu! Pontianak tengok pon takut!"

Kasim terlopong tidak percaya.

"Kita pon macam tu jugak Sim, suatu hari nanti, in shaa Allah. Esok lusa, kita akan melalui suatu proses yang manusia panggil sebagai metamorfosis. Kita akan duduk dalam kepompong dan sepanjang tempoh tu, sedikit demi sedikit, kita akan bertukar menjadi rama-rama. Seperti Bedah, kita juga akan menjadi rama-rama yang kachak lagi bergaya. Kau akan jadi Siproeta epaphus dan aku pula Cethosia cyane. Biidznillah.

Kata kuncinya..? Sabar. Bukan kebetulan Allah jadikan kita macam ni Sim. Banyak hikmahnya. Dia nak tengok kita boleh bersabar atau tidak. Dia mahu lihat kita boleh redha dengan siapa diri kita atau tidak. Dan dia mahu uji, sama ada mujahadah kita cukup kuat atau tidak.

Biarlah kita hodoh dan jelik sekarang ni, dikeji dan dihina oleh makhluk-makhluk lain. Tapi suatu hari nanti, kita akan bertukar menjadi makhluk yang dicemburui dan mempesonakan sesiapa sahaja yang melihatnya. Tapi kena banyak-banyakkan bersabar ah."  

Kali ini Kasim tersenyum. Matanya berkaca-kaca.

"Ok Sim..?"


Mereka lantas berhigh-five dengan kesemua pasang tangan yang mereka ada.

Ok habis cerita. Amacam? Ceria kan..? Eheh.

"Wahai anak cucu Adam! Sesungguhnya Kami telah menyediakan pakaian untuk menutupi auratmu dan untuk perhiasan bagimu. Tetapi pakaianTAQWA, itulah yang lebih baik..."
[al-A'raf, 7:26]


Tamat. Well, that's it from him. Inche Gabbana.

Kalau boleh, semua posts dia pun nak share lah. Semua inspiring , tapi tak mampu. Hehehe.

I just copied this one cause it reminds me of my inner side. I mean, I really wish that my inner side can be as beautiful as butterfly. If Allah wills, anything can happen, right ? So I just have to pray harder and put  greater effort, so that I can be a better person. It may look uglier than others at this moment, not as beautiful as others who perform solah punctually, recite al-Quran every time they finish solat, puasa sunat Isnin and Khamis and so on.... but deep in my heart, I wish I can be one of those people. Jealous tengok orang yang boleh istiqamah.

Ya Allah,,, please guide me. Make my soul as beautiful as butterfly. Please...pretty please... I wanna fly to Jannah. Amin.

#This blog is just great. You should read it ! Its a MUST

#currently reading posts under keywords Merepek Kerepek and Arty Farty :)
tapi dah ngantuk . Nak sambung esok pulak . Haha.

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