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Sunday, 17 May 2015

80s Drama Night 'Blast from The Past'

So our drama has officially ended last night !!!! Alhamdulillah for everything . 
Even though there're some glitches here and there, I'm just glad it finally ends. At last ! That's waaaay more precious then anything else. 
As soon as our team bowed on the stage, I felt like the whole burden were lifted away from my shoulders ; seriously never felt as free as that. Even jumped and ran here and there. 


Class with our dearest Dr. K posits nearly impossible goals to the extent of having to perform a musical drama ; because acting only is apparently not challenging enough. Though obvious when the oeuvre has finally completed, such demands had actually taught us needed antidote to the term of 'capable teacher' ,,, yet the journey was not one in which I would wish to go through again. Thanks but no thanks. Kissing my goodbye to PET102. 

It was tiring because of the workload behind the scene. People keep expecting this and that and they only know how to ask. By the end of the day, it is us yang dapat those penat. And, the penat , seriously not worth it T_T. I would be glad if it's worth trying but sadly it isn't. 
With little cooperation given by the administrations and some people in the office, we were like puppets; do as what they pointed us to. 
"Go here, ask for Mr. bla bla bla."
"No I'm not in charge. Try asking this bla bla bla office."
"Our department can't let you do this."

Yeah. I know it's not good for me to whine but we've been through this for 2 semesters. They are just repeating the same patterns. It is 'running here and there' all over again. But well, of course 1st semester is much worse for us, beginners. Thank God we started early.

As for my own little drama team, our group failed in the first practice, even personally was requested by Dr. Hardy to reconsider the play, 
not to mention we argued about the scripts and plots,
we also have problems with the music and dancing teams, 
our main actor was VERY degil (he insisted on going to hockey practice) that he injured himself the day before the performance (he blamed my mulut masin pffft and I blamed his thickheaded act).
and many more countless issues that we encountered as a team. 

Nevertheless, team is like family. We are still a unit despite of those quarrels. We compete together ; win or lose as a team and rise or fall, also as a team. Indeed, we argued a lot but it was because each of us wants Guns N' Roses  to be the best team, not because of abhorrence
and I am proud to say that 
all thanks the passion that has driven them to such a wonderful work. 

Guns N Roses :)

Well, our drama was about a boy who wanna avenge his father's death. He planned it by inviting his rivals to an isolated island through a mysterious phone call. They ended being stuck in the island with no boats and landlines until the next few days , and had to face one after another murder. No one is to be trusted any longer. They started to suspect each other. When there's only a few of them left on the island, the crime is finally revealed. And, the last person anyone would have guessed, is the master mind. 
First scene; flashback to 15 years ago.

Rehearsal was waay better, I would say. Still, it was an enjoyable experience working with these people :) And, we all had fun , didn't we :) :) :)

Miki and Iskandar was too excited, they accidentally let their little secret out of the bag. Ooppss. Okay . Jk jk . haha

p/s :  After having dinner, I went back to the room, plonked on my bed and was unconscious till this afternoon. Haha. Didn't even wipe the make up off.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Poem Recitation

As you may or may not know, our lecturer for listening and speaking is very strict. We were warned about him since the very first semester by the seniors. 

Okay now forget about the boring mundane first sem. Now we're in second sem and here we are , dancing , singing and monkeying around in front of Subaidah pave-walk for our Wednesday class.

Two weeks ago, we're given a title for a monologue and had to perform it on the spot. God. Dr.K really knows how to test his students' limits, doesn't he ? Urghhh 

Mine was, 
"You are stucked in an abandoned nuclear plant in Chernobyl." and after 5 seconds , "Action."
mega facepalm, right there in front of Dr. K. 
I swear even the performance art students won't be able to think of a scene or script within the time given. 

It was a total disaster. I prefer not to recall it.

And then last week, his task was, 
'Perform an original poem of yours within 90 seconds. No less, no more or I will straight away give a B' 
Always play his 'B card' , guys. All the time. And yes, it worked on us, somehow. Hahaha. 
Saje jeww nak buat kitorang gelabah tits. *pukul2 Dr dengan gedik macam dalam drama Melayu*

As usual, this pathetic student of him (me of course, we're not talking about any other human being) went back to Kelantan for her weekend and only prepared the poem the night before. Thank God the time was extraordinarily perfect although I didn't even memorize the whole thing. haha. Who cares.

Okay forget about it. 
The thing is, our class is like a BIIIIIG melting pot of drama and adventure, so a 'live' weekly drama is a must . 
The tinge of 'drama drama drama' for last week was, we had to redo the recitation. 
 Dr. K was very furious at us last week (said we didn't prepared much, take things lightly, not fitted to be English teachers and so on blablabla all those excuses) , 
and he just canceled the class. 
Pooffff. Begone.

So this week, here we are ... semangat as hell. haha
(this class has really burned my whole pocket, I tell you)
Not to mention it's only 5% . And, for a 90 seconds performance. 
Thank you for your concern.
*muka bulan, muka bulan, muka bulan*

Mayra is begging for more mark apparently haha and I'm just giving up on this class, nothing in particular. Thanks for asking.

Muka desperate markah  

nenek kebayan ?
another beggar haha

my personal favourite poem recitation !
sumpah best and creepy gila.
and i think dr liked it too. kudos syuhaida !

I am sooo done with this semester. Still, need to survive ! Lusa dah nak kena perform dramaaaaa

p/s : Thanks for singing me birthday song in front of the restaurant :') so sweet of you guys. Thanks

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