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Thursday, 16 October 2014

First experience being a teacher

Teachers-Students meeting - the day that I've been looking forward and nervous about . 
Me as one of the teachers . Mua ha ha ha . Finally, the day had came ! 

We had been planning for this program for weeks . If you had been following my posts on our "Project Work in TESOL" on Facebook , than you would know the ups and downs of our proposal T_T 

Anyway , I was super nervous even before meeting the students . I had no confidence and was very afraid that the students will be annoyed/bored with me . I am no expert with kids ! *tears up*

When I asked the other group (they went to SK Bukit Gelugor , we went to SK Sungai Gelugor) , 
"So how was it going ?"
"It was tiring but it's fun !
"Tiring ?!" Gahhhhh . Nervous levels up.
"Hemm , the kids were just too excited." 
"Are they hyper ?" brain starts imagining all of the impossible probability . 

And yesterday , Shila drove us to the school . 

and me 
*Jasmeen couldn't make it due to her packed schedule .

5 teachers , not so ready to meet the kids yet they still wore the 'nonchalant masks' and plastered the Colgate smiles on the face. These future teachers then calmly entered through the UNLOCKED small gates beside the school , skipping the guards at the main gate. (I tell you , this is totally not our fault. Just that the school security system was too low . Lol . hahaha . )

And Cikgu Zubaidah greeted us as soon as we arrived, before calling her students to assemble at the open-hall . 

Okay . At least the kids look nice even some of them are taller than me .

She briefed about the kids shortly, I barely payed my attention . My eyes were transfixed to her , yes . And I even nodded enthusiastically like I understood everything. But the truth was , I was battling with myself to calm down ! For God sake , my heart pummeled crazily as if I just passed the '5 kilometer' checkpoint. She just kept on talking and I just pretended to listen. 

And before I knew it ,

She suddenly gave the kids to us !

cehhh looking all nice and obedient.
Wait until you know them -_-

Gulp ! Gulp ! Gulp !
My heart couldn't stop racing . Okay Anis you can do this . Act calm , act calm .

Hence, we introduced ourselves and Ngoi started lecturing about our programs . The objectives , how to carry this out , the tentatives and bla bla bla .
Done with the humdrum part , we kicked off with the Ice-Breaking session ; with a few games that we had specially prepared for the kids to ease the tenses (mainly our tense hahaha) , it went quite well I can say .

Ngoi was briefing at the front .
Ahah ! I can see two kids were fooling around at the back .
*cracking my knuckles*

"WHO  LOVE  TEACHER  ANIS ?!" hahahhhha

Half an hour later , we were divided into groups and I chose to be in Group 4 :)

"Teacher , let's just stay here."
Now they were nailed to their spots , reluctant to move . Yeah my students is that fab. They can instruct their teachers .

We just sat in a circle and ,
"Now who want to introduce their selves first ?"
In a flash, everybody started talking ... or .... exactly screaming and shouting 

"3 Zul teacher !"
"No need lah , teacher !"
"What should we tell ?!"
"Teacher, me ! I am ...!
"Teacher, start from your left !"
"Teacher, ladies first!"
"Can I go to the toilet ?"

Oookay . Should have seen that coming . Never thought that they could be that loud .

I quickly stood up and introduced myself instead. Just to make them stop talking . hahaha .
And of course they asked me loads of questions which kinda remind me of my old days when the practical teachers came into our class . Her age ... is she single or not ... where is she from ...  favourite foods... hobbies ... ambition ...and so many other things .
And the 'taaruf' session passed by without me realizing how fast time flew. 

"Okay . So who want to participate in the drama ? You know , just so that I can find suitable scripts.
And I saw 6 hands in front of me . I was quite frustrated cos not many of them wanna join . Hemm . Well at least , the 6 were very interested.

So we discussed about the genres, props and storyline. Some wanted horror , some wanted comedy and some wanted mysterious . Yeah , whatever kids.  Do as you wish . I'm invisible here . Lol.
Although I was the one who's supposed to be in charge , the kids seemed like they wanted to take control of everything. Haha . And I willingly let them decide everything .

Just to give the little monsters some ideas for the drama and props , I then showed them some videos from Youtube . *Please don't imagine them watching the videos calmly and quietly because all they did was pushing each other while mouths busily asking me tons of questions.* *Sigh* *Sigh* *Sigh*

After what seemed like ages , I popped out the question again , 
"Now that you understand what drama is , let me see how many of you want to join me ."

And they all raised their hands ! ALL OF  THEM ! I was speechless and at the same time , blur. 

At that point , I was actually have no idea about what to do . I supposed to attend the group discussion , the night before but I was so busy helping Nana with her WUS expo project (yeah we barely slept that night) so I couldn't make it . They discussed about the games and I had no idea  what to play with the kids . 

Anyway , I asked them to show their talent if they are serious to do this thing . hahahah . So I gave them some characters and did the audition . 

And the trickiest part came . All of them came at once and drown me with questions . Again.

"Teacher , I cannot be a pondan (sissy) ! I don't know,"
"Let him be the Grandpa teacher !"
"How to be an ustaz teacher ? What to do ?"  the most naughty one , I gave him an ustaz role haha
"Teacher , the 3 Zul can be toyol teacher ! "
"Teacher can you hold this for me ?"
"What if I combine(?) with him teacher ?"
"Am I the bad friend or the good friend?

And I just nodded to every questions -_____-' I was solemnly dizzy and might puke anytime.

But after a few screaming and yelling , they finally calmed down , and the so-called audition began.

They were good , I can tell.
The girls would giggle sometimes (I wonder why haha) but the boys , they carried their characters as I asked them to. Some of them attempted jokes and we would laugh . And some of them would suddenly come and be the extras. Well I had fun :) thanks to their endeavor . 
As we were having fun, Shila came and told me that I only have ten minutes left . Luckily that thing finished just on time. Yet I was reluctant to leave.
I sat on my chair lazily as they told me about the nicknames of each people . He's Chipmunk, this one Gajah , that one Toyol , she's Meja and so many other names I couldn't recall . We gossiped about their crushes and all , then I saw that the other groups were leaving.

"God . I have to leave now. My prince is coming !"  As I was about to stand up and leave , they grabbed me -_-

"Teacher , facebook ?"
"Teacher , can I have your phone number ?"

And I wrote down on two pieces of paper . One for the girls and one for the boys . 

"Share this with your friends. Whoever get this don't keep it to yourselves,
as I waved the paper in front of them . Their hands were ready to grab the paper anytime soon, with eyes locked on my hand-movement .
"I don't want ...
and before I could finish my sentence , pooof the papers were gone  -_- . Kids nowadays . Hello ... I'm still talking here .

Again , I was about to leave when some students from other group came and handed me pieces of paper for me to jot down my FB and phone number. 

Well , what else can I say . 

I'm famous ! 

#fliphijab #flipjubah #flipkening


Eka came to tell me that we're about to leave but many of them were still waiting...
I'm touched *cries*

"Make sure to come this Friday. I know that you've finished UPSR but 
I'm coming again this Friday so we can start practicing. Okay ? "

And with that , I left them. They really made me feel needed; with their boisterous mouths asking this and that . Thanks guys . I hope we can work well as a team .
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Friday, 3 October 2014

Had been posting wrong reflections all this while !

"The difference between storytelling and reflecting...storytelling is fun and describes what u did. Reflecting is insightful, meaningful and make yourself and others think...
Storytelling share experiences...Reflecting allows u to compare experiences, leading to knowledge construction and learning" - Dr. K

Haha he actually posted this on our Facebook group. 

Bang ! Anis ... hahahha
Only then I realized that I've been doing the reflections all wrong ! 

First , it might be due to the fact that I haven't blog for a long time , even I can't differentiate between a reflection and a random nag / storytelling hahahah . God help me to hide my face !

My intention was to write something different from my classmate , because we only meet once a week for PET class so basically most of us have to share the same thing . And little Anis here, trying to be different by writing what she saw from her own perspective , but ended writing off the topic :P teehee

In case you are wondering what I'm talkin' bout ...

For my elective class, we have to update things about our project (the progress , the ideas, the researches and etc) in the Facebook group . And , every weekends , we have to write a reflection about what we had learned from the class ... so far , this week is suppose to be our 3rd reflection (I was ready to write another story thank God Dr. K saved me from keeping on making fun of myself . hahaha) .

I reread them on Facebook and ,,, yeah Dr.K was right ! 

Reflection 1 : Miss Tardy

This whole week has been a mess . I was always tardy , was blur about a few things and sometimes I felt like giving up. But then , “Pick your head up princess , your tiara is falling.” The most comforting reply that I received from one close friend of mine ; for whining and wailing like a little monster.

I have to admit that I REALLY need to work on my time management (can’t help them no matter how hard I tried though). In my endeavour to avoid my tardiness is by keeping everything in my planner thinking mannn I’m so organised ! Then because technically the planner is in my phone , and I’m the kind of person who rarely check on my phone … the planner comes to no purpose. And before I know it , it’s either I forgot about meetings or I’m late ! “I’m sorry . I swear I remember about this last night,” I would tell the people , getting a bored Mmm-hmmm from them after . But , but I was really sorry …

During our second meeting , I was almost an hour late . Mayra called me few times but again , I’m the kind of person who rarely check on my phone. After a few misscalls , “God Mayra I’m sorry ! I KNEW I’m suppose to be somewhere today but really , I forget.” I was sure that my reputation was about to drop … whatnot with me being late on our second meeting. The rest were already there ! And this face cannot get any thicker .

For the third meeting , I got myself prepared and was 100% ready . Walking leisurely to our discussion venue , I was proud and confident . Yet , most of them had arrived , so basically I was late again.  .
Was sooooo tempted to pant like I ran a mile to come all the way there. “Sorry I’m late.” I said , the same boring excuse .

Seriously people ? I was sure that I tried to come 5 minutes earlier . Now I REALLY have to work on my time management . Their punctuality scares me somehow .
Nevertheless , my groupmates still plastered the so called colgate-smiles on their faces . Too cute , I felt guilty 
Reflection 2 : When the bats start swooping aggressively in my stomach...

As I could recall , my first presentation for PET was soooo bad ( I even secretly wished that I was a tree ) , I was nervous and all .

" Maybe you should just jot down your text first and memorize them..."
"Are you sure you don't want to write anything on a piece of paper?"
"You can practice with me , you know,"

So many people had been kind enough to help but I gently rejected them , or to be truth , was very reluctant to practice . Because that would only double my embarrassment  you know , having to do 'the presentation' twice . So basically twice thick-faced Anis . And twice fat bats (mine is not butterflies) swooping viciously in my stomach , chewing half of my blood vessels T_T ‪#‎crazyimaginationiknow‬

Unluckily , ours was rejected (yeah now I realize that we didn't really put on our thinking cap, compared to the current idea , it was so mehhhhh) which means I have to do the presentation again ! *cried and wailed real hard

A few days later , we went to meet Dr. Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan at his office . And yes , I prepared a few things so Dr. K doesn't have to rush me to the hospital if my mouth starts vomiting Subaidah's briyani. But I was very anxious and was sure enough that I only blabbered some unimportant points while my hands and legs shivered wildly. Pathetic.
Good thing was , Dr. K pushed us (not in a cruel way okay) until we finally got his points . Took us almost an hour to understand what he's trying to say . Duh . Nerdies .

And somehow , his acceptance makes me comfortable and 'kinda brave' to present the project today . *flips hair
Well , I was nervous but yeah thank God I managed to speak without passing out . It was an impromptu presentation anyway *flips more hair + kening.

Really hope that one day I can present like HC Ngoi 
*Oh Lord now I realize this reflection is quite long . Haha . It feels like blogging  Sorry

Learned my lesson and will try to write a proper reflection next time . And ,,, I should blog more ! Shouldn't have nag on facebook class group !
Others' are okay though . Mine are bit , meh no , waaaay off-rail . Pffftttt .

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